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Tips for a productive study day 

A woman browsing the library shelves.

October is finally here, so you know what that means: exam season is upon us.

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A dose of the ocean

The beach.

Can a trip to the seaside be good for our mental wellbeing?

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Confessions of a (former) shopaholic

A woman, shown from the back, holding coloured shopping backs by the handle.

Consumerism is a greedy beast...shopping can become an addiction. 

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Overcoming stage fright

A person giving a talk.

To some, speaking in a room full of people is second nature but for others like me, it may be something that we have to get used to.

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Melancholy mix

It’s okay to feel sad. I blame the weather. This past week has really brought on the winter feels. Usually I’m excited about winter – there’s the annual Southern Right Whale migration, fire pit evenings, and the chance to retreat into our homes and bit and slow things down. However, this year it feels different. There’s a hurried and nervous vibration in the air and it’s all because I am nearing the end of my candidature. So very near indeed, but it feels so far away still – there is so much to do.

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Winter skincare routine 

Woman applying skincare product on her face.

Soothing my dry skin in winter.

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Dear Diary...

Last night, watching someone's 'reading my old diary entries' video prompted me to do the same. I got out my old journals, and wanted to find some resemblance with my old self. In the pages, I discovered dream anecdotes, meditations on my current reads, brief allusions to the stress of an essay, and of course, declarations of being in love. Sure, there was something naive about it—as if I was aware that I would look back on these one days, I seemed determined to narrativise my days and feelings—but there were some sentiments that I felt truly thrived from being written down.

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I’m on a buying ban 

Person paying Google Pay.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an avid shopper.

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Embracing the ordinary

Purple flowers

I find myself often unable to embrace the routine, everyday activities. 

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10-minute brain break

A woman laying on the steps of a building.

Now that winter is here I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending the great majority of all the days of the weeks this month, sitting down. It’s getting cold and instead of sitting down at a park with my laptop to work on my thesis, I’ve just been working at my desk, in the warm comfort of the indoors.

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