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Financial tips for students

Miniature person sitting on large coins.

Ways to survive this cost-of-living crisis.

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Student budget

Is it just me or are things costing more now? Whether you’re looking ahead and preparing for Christmas/summer holidays or saving for something special, these budget tips from other students are practical and easy.

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One of the podcasts I listen to is called We Can Do Hard Things and it is hosted primarily by Glennon Doyle, joined by her wife Abby, and her sister Amanda. One of their recent episodes talked about the best advice they were ever given. There was plenty of great advice, some of which I’ve already received and have been such game-changers.

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How to approach your lecturer

A classroom.

For first year students, the thought of talking to your lecturers might seem daunting. Here is this person who has dedicated pretty much their whole lives to their craft – they are highly regarded in their field; they have contributed significant research findings and innovations to the discipline; they could also be practicing professionals. 

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A day in Carlton and Fitzroy

Baker D. Chirico by Asirah.

Fashiontok and fashion magazines would deem Melbourne as the face of the Australian fashion scene. It’s hard to dispute that when every other cool and stylish person that comes up on my For You Page is from Melbourne – Carlton or Fitzroy, specifically. 

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Lowest grade, median, highest grade

A person begins to write in a blank notebook on a table with their iPad and headphones.

Should we be knowing other people's grades?

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The magic of Illuminate

Party sparklers.

Visting Illuminate: Resonate was a magical experience.

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I am loving all the soccer magic happening all around. It takes me back to my school days, playing as part of the girls’ soccer team. My mother wasn’t thrilled about headers, but she never missed any of my games. My parents were, and still are my greatest cheerleaders. They were always present and always cheering me on, even at home, when self-doubt creeps in and I feel less brave.

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In my film era

Movie title screen

After denouncing films for a long time, I have finally realised their value.

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Why I keep a diary

A person writing in a notebook.

I have kept a diary (or journal, whichever you wish to call it) every year since I was 13, and every year my diary goes through different iterations of itself – much like its author.  

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