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Making friends beyond campus

Uni life is a rollercoaster ride filled with opportunities, and one of the best ones is connecting with the local community. For international students, it's a chance to make friends beyond the uni bubble and truly embrace the culture of your new home. Here, some of us recall what we did during our first few years in Adelaide as an international student and talk about how you can dive into the local scene and build meaningful connections outside of campus.

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Heading home for summer break as an international student

Uni life is a wild ride, and let's be real, nothing beats the excitement of heading back home during those semester breaks. Whether you're from a different state or a globe-trotting international student, that sweet reunion with family and friends is something to look forward to. I asked some of my international student friends what some of the things they had to prepare for included - and so let's first dive into visa stuff:

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Guide to taking exams with alternative arrangements

Assistive writing tech tablet

If you are a student who has an Access Plan or Alternative Exam Arrangements, gather around!

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