Lessons from the first semester

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My strategies to make my classes next semester more invigorating.

Now the semester has finished, and you may be wondering what you would do over the summer. For me, this summer break is the period where I re-think what I would do in my undergraduate degree.

First semester was a little bit challenging for me because I felt the workload in the university was different from college where I always had someone in the same cohort to rely on. I could not fully accept this transition and leverage the university effectively.

Therefore, to change my current situation, I made up my mind to do the following things over the summer:

  • Joining meetups: I believe that participating in social events outside of the university and meeting a wide variety of people can give me an idea of why I want to study that subject. I am excited to join events that are going to be held this summer related to my degree. I encourage you to use Meetup and join some group channels there as it helps you find the events close to your interest easily.
  • Reading: Attending the university for one semester, I realized that there are a variety of interests that I want to pursue. I believe reading books from different genres can help me find which disciplines I am attracted to.
  • Traveling: My only regret throughout the semester was not being able to travel much more than I expected. I believe that exploring new places can ignite my interest in new topics of study by enabling me to meet new people and learn different things. The last time I travelled to Hahndorf, for example, I realized that I always had an interest in anthropogenic activity, so decided to take some related courses next semester!

Regardless of your study field, I believe that people, books, and travelling can give you some new insights about yourself and your studies, and this long break is the perfect time to dive into them.

Remember the break is for giving you the time to rest as well. Have enough time to take a break from your studies and recharge your energy toward the next semester.

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