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@userXYZ liked your photo

People recording and taking photos with their phones

To be real or to not be real.

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Laughter, song, and dance

This week’s challenge was to ‘let go of being cool and always in control’ and the first thought that came to mind was one of the Friends episodes - The One With the Routine (Season 6 Episode 10). Yes I’m a 90s kid, but I don’t know what possessed my friends and me from trying to recreate The Routine - we even recorded it! It was meant to be a quiet girls’ night in, spent in our pyjamas as we shared a gorgeous grazing table and watched episode after episode of Friends. Recreating a goofy dance routine wasn’t part of the plan! 

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Phantom study

A person begins to write in a blank notebook on a table with their iPad and headphones.

I'm so used to studying that I feel as if the threat is still looming over me.

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Post-exam emptiness

A woman sitting on a boulder staring over mountains and valleys at sunset.

The long-awaited freedom is finally here!

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Dear Diary 

A person opening a journal on a table.

How journaling helped me regulate my emotions.

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Play and rest

friends hugging

The challenge with HDR life is that we have maybe too much freedom.

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Best study spots in Adelaide

Rows of bookshelves at a library.

Here's my rating of the study spots I've been to.

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Mid-exam season motivation

A person begins to write in a blank notebook on a table with their iPad and headphones.

One exam down, and only the rest to go! 

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Walking with purpose

woman walking

My morning walk to university has always seemed to be one full of purpose but lately I have been wondering just how much I am missing out on when I don’t slow down.

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This one’s a really tough one I have to admit.

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