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Rubber duck debugging

blogpic rubber ducks

I am getting close to the final draft of a manuscript but struggling with the last final piece of it.

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A much needed semester break

blogpic, camera, summer holiday, book

It has been a challenging semester and I am looking forward to spending some time recharging and working on being mindful. 

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Upskilling and the wonders of LinkedIn Learning

A laptop, coffee cup, sunglasses and notebook on a wooden table with hands hovering over the keyboard

Lately, I have been starting to feel like my skill acquisition was becoming a bit stagnant.

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Hot Girl Walk

A person walking on a bridge.

Walking: but make it glamourous. 

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Ramblings: small is beautiful

I will always be thankful to my baby daughter for making me a mother — not just any mom, but her mom. Her arrival in the world has not been the easiest for either of us, but most births are hard. I am just imagining the shock and the adjustment that she had to make coming into this world as compared to the world she was living in, which was a water world inside my womb. She very quickly had to learn how to breathe air and acclimatize to sensing the world outside the watery womb. Newborn babies need such great care, especially during the first weeks of life, but I have only just realized that so do new mothers. After all, during this time, babies are still very much dependent on them.

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How to celebrate Pride month

Two hands touching in front of an lgbtqia flag

June is the time to celebrate our society's recognition and inclusivity of the LGBTQIA+ community! There's a multitude of ways to show your support, even if it's quietly.

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But it's not COVID

Woman sitting on the floor blowing her nose

Just because you don't have COVID, it doesn't mean you're not sick enough to rest.

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Are study groups for me?

A group of students studying together

If you had asked first-year me, she would’ve said no.

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Tea time!

Lately, I have been getting into drinking tea in the evenings and it has really left me with an appreciation for the tradition.

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Nostalgia: Getting back into the 2010s

A young woman with dark hair wearing light pink headphones and a striped white and pink shirt on a deep pink background

Cleaning out some of my stuff today I found an old So Fresh CD that took me back down memory lane.

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