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A day at the market

Tents at a market

Come to Gilles at the Grounds with me.

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Caught by surprise

Girl sitting on a pink suitcase in an airport

As someone that insists on doing everything according to my to-do list, a family emergency definitely wasn't what I had planned for in the middle of exam season.

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Morning momentum

blogpic- pixabay- openbook- hot chocolate

I love the rain, I do. I love it, even more, when I can just lay in bed for hours reading books.

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Doggy cuddles

blogpic - pixabay - german shepherd

I don’t think I’m quite ready to get a dog yet (they need a lot of care), but recently I’ve been missing the dogs I grew up with in our family.

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Creating ideas

Sometimes, what’s helpful in overcoming a mental block is to ignite a spark through creativity. Whether you are trying to solve a problem, writing a thesis, creating a work of fiction, the following are some of the tips other students have found useful in their creative process:

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Long term relationships

Holding hands up in the shape of a love heart

After four years, I sometimes worry about taking my partner for granted, leaving me wondering what are some ways I can show my appreciation for everything he is and does.

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Career anxiety

People working in an office.

I’m in my penultimate year now, so I have to start planning a strategic and effective exit plan.

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End of semester care

A laptop and other desk decor sits on a wooden desktop.

Finally, the anticipated end of semester is near.

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Sourdough and wellbeing


It often feels good to care for something and establish routines. I don’t have a dog or any pets, so why not try a sourdough starter?

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Guilty pleasures?

A laptop sits on a bed, with Netflix open.

When we indulge in something that we think we shouldn't, we call it a 'guilty pleasure'. But should we be feeling guilty about something we enjoy?

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