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Three years of Eid abroad

A bunch of ketupat.

Eid celebrations (or Raya as we call it in Malaysia) began to look a little different to me in 2020.

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Looking back on my Ph.D. experience

person wearing a mask, cupping a seedling in hand that has several small green leaves

What are some of the things that you now realise were good things to do while you were a Ph.D. candidate? Or what seemed to be an obstacle to finishing that now looking back you realise was a good thing?

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Why join a club at uni?

A group of students studying together

I’m sure you already know that joining a club is one of the best ways to meet people and make new friendships in uni.

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Learning to say goodbye

View of aircraft wings from the window

Last week, I bid my family goodbye as I flew back to Adelaide once again for my studies. I thought seeing their faces disappear as I walked past the Immigration counter would be easier the second time. I was determined not to cry. I mean, why would I, right? This isn’t my first time flying abroad alone. Well, my determination crumbled pretty quickly when I hugged my parents at the departure gate. 

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Adelaide bucket list

Adelaide Rotunda

A few of my international student friends have recently graduated and are finishing up their time in Adelaide. Even though I’ve been living here for several years, I realised that there are still many things I’ve not seen or done in Adelaide.

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Checking in on my international friends

friends walking on the beack

Our university is such a big institution and we are very much living in a global world (even during a pandemic). With this in mind I’ve been thinking about how many international student friends I have and how long it has been since they have been home to see their families.

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Forming friendships

multiple friendly hands meeting at fists

How I made friends as a postgraduate and international student

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Making friends as an international student


The first time I arrived in Australia was over a decade ago as an international student. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to be on this two-year adventure in a strange land and living on my own.

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