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What are you reading?

A pile of books

This year, I made a promise to myself that I’ll read at least 5 books – yes, excluding textbooks.

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Recommendation: Max Joseph

bookstore inside an old theatre

In 'How to read more in the golden age of content', Max Joseph words "Bookstores are basically like art galleries with stories attached" really spoke to me.

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Reading for leisure

some feet with woolen socks by a cup of coffee and a book

In a society which consumes so much digital media, reading a novel or poetry is a nice getaway. It’s even more exciting when you’re able to discuss literature with friends. Continue reading for my book recommendations and reflections on reading for leisure. 

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A new book? How frightening

I love reading, I always have, but the problem I have with it is that I find it really difficult to leave the comfort and safety of teenage and young adult fiction. I find the romance of YA fiction to be idealistic and thrilling – the way characters are swept off their feet, the improbable meet-cutes, the aspirational promises they make to each other…I’m a huge softie, it’s true. I also love fantasy, but the adult fantasy is just so weird sometimes. Thankfully, I can always rely on good ol’ teenage fiction to bring me the joy of magic.

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I need to read more

Do you ever find it hard to find the time to sink your teeth into a great book instead of an academic essay?

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Books you have to read before you die!

book shelf

Reading is a great way to escape the real world, immerse yourself in a magical fantasy, feed the brain, and also a great thing to do when you need to take time away from social media and technology. Whatever type of reader you are, a slow reader, an average reader, or a crazy book lover, this shortlist of books of the fantasy genre are some of my own personal favorites and are one’s that everyone has to read at least ONCE in their lives.

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'Christodora' and the New York novel canon

Christodora, Tim Murphy's 2016 debut novel, is the latest in the 'New York novel' canon: it deals with addiction, trauma, family relationships, LGBTQI+ identity, and the search for connection in a world that seeks to divide. 

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How joining a book club transformed my reading habits

In the past, I've struggled to make reading a consistent habit, until I joined a book club.

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