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Finding contentment in the digital age 

Girl looking out window

How can we ever feel content with what we have when the next best thing is constantly being shoved in our faces?

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The indomitable human spirit

Woman laughing.

The internet isn’t particularly the best place in the universe. It has garnered a rather bad name when it comes to the way it can seriously affect one’s mental and to some extent, physical health. 

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Socials for instant happiness

Ever feel exhausted from social media? Here are just a few of the Instagram pages that make me feel happy and content, you should follow to feel the same!

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine in India that dates back to around 6,000 BCE and encompasses a range of ‘therapies’ that are now popular on a global scale. So, what exactly is Ayurveda and what benefits does it offer?

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Social media shenanigans: was deleting TikTok the right choice?

I have a love/hate relationship with social media (don’t we all), but recently made the decision to delete TikTok after recognising the dependency I had on it.

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National Reconciliation Week 2021: no more empty words

Aboriginal Flag

This week is National Reconciliation Week, which runs annually from 27 May to 3 June, and invites people to learn about the shared histories, cultures, achievements, and future goals of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This year, it's time for urgent and impactful action. 

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How crazy was the facebook news dust up?

A close up with the facebook logo in the eye

As quickly as the removal of Australian news content from Facebook came into effect, it was also quickly reinstated. It not only worried me but also made me rethink my relationship with news form Facebook.

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Review: The Social Dilemma

I recently watched the documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix.

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My journey with juicing

About a year ago, I bought an electric juicer. It's been an interesting journey since then. 

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An apple a day

There’s no denying that Apple Inc. is at the forefront of consumer technology, as the world remains unwaveringly loyal to the brand. But just how far does its influence extend? 

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