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Overcoming February disease

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Tips for returning to school after the long break.

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As the heat rises and the academic dust settles, it's time to dive into the ultimate adventure: the staycation.

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PhD holiday conundrum

Being a PhD student often creates the illusion that holidays are a luxury reserved for others, overshadowed by the ceaseless pursuit of academic goals.

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Hacking Christmas casual jobs

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A guide to landing a Christmas job based on my experience.

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Summer Staples

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As spring is coming to a close, it is time to update your life and collect a few staple pieces to survive and thrive in the new season.

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Heading home for summer break as an international student

Uni life is a wild ride, and let's be real, nothing beats the excitement of heading back home during those semester breaks. Whether you're from a different state or a globe-trotting international student, that sweet reunion with family and friends is something to look forward to. I asked some of my international student friends what some of the things they had to prepare for included - and so let's first dive into visa stuff:

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My summer bucket list

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Instead of studying for exams, I have been procrastinating by creating a Summer bucket list. And while I highly advise you to not procrastinate and do your homework, planning activities to do over Summer is a lot of fun.

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