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I need a new phone and there’s too much to choose from: overcoming ‘overchoice’

I’ve been using the phone I have for nearly four years now and it’s showing true signs that it’s nearing the end of its life. I’m a marine ecologist so I’ve taken it out to sea several times. It’s also seen more than the fair share of being accidentally thrown onto the floor or being knocked out of my hand. Still, I’m so used to this phone. When it’s not just suddenly and unexpectedly dying (even when they battery is full) or when the screen freezes, it works brilliantly. Also, I have all my apps organised on the Home screen exactly as I need. I’m so used to its weight and size dimensions too and I like how it’s just the right size for my tiny, yet stubby hands.

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My mindless scrolling in facebook

I am becoming increasingly aware of my mindless scrolling of facebook without direction or awareness.

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An apple a day

There’s no denying that Apple Inc. is at the forefront of consumer technology, as the world remains unwaveringly loyal to the brand. But just how far does its influence extend? 

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Online dating is truly agonising

This is not the first time nor the last time that I will rant about how terrible online dating is.

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Too much screen-time

When I was younger, my parents told me that if I watched too much television, I would get 'square eyes'.

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A shout-out to the Instagram world

I often wonder how I would spend my free time without Instagram.

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