Cartridge Recycling

Recycling printer cartridges and toner bottles helps recover resources like plastic, metal and ink that can be used to make new products, and stops harmful chemicals from leeching into soil and waterways. 

Colour printer cartridges lined up in a row

Did you know? Cartridges in landfill can take up to 1,000 years to break down and are toxic to the environment.

How to recycle cartridges

To recycle cartridges and toner bottles on campus:

  • Confirm the brand of cartridges that your printer uses
  • Register for a free collection box through Close the Loop, selecting the brand of your printer
  • Areas with a Ricoh printer should register through the Ricoh website
  • Assemble the box and personalised bag next to your printer
  • Recycle cardboard packaging in the blue paper/cardboard bin
  • Add the used cartridges, toner bottles and plastic packaging to your collection box
  • Once the box is 2/3 full, tie the bag with the cable ties provided 
  • Book a free pick up and quote the identification code on your personalised bag.