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Reporting on our sustainability journey is environmentally responsible and enables the University to communicate "best" practice, projects and performance. 

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Carbon emissions inventory (C02e tonnes)

Data Note: Estimations and averages have been used where actual data is currently unavailable. 

  2018  2019  2020  2021  2022  2023
Direct emissions 
Scope 1 – Natural gas, transport fuels, stationary fuels and refrigerants. Agricultural emissions added in 2022.
3,976 4,076 3,900 3,795 6,018 6,992
Direct emissions 
Scope 2 – Purchased electricity.  
29,428 27,702 22,406 18,562 14,116 12,952
Indirect emissions 
Scope 3 – Waste, water, transmission and distribution losses from purchased utilities, staff commuting, food and catering services, taxi and ride share services, postage, couriers and freight and construction.
48,870 46,900 26,064 17,720 18,871 21,310
Total* 83,274 78,679 54,370 40,077 39,004 41,254

The University’s 2023 carbon account equals 41,254 tonnes CO2-e, a 6% increase from the previous calendar year. This increase, particularly in scope 3 emissions, represents an increase in post-Covid activity on campus and staff travel. The University decreased its energy consumption during 2023 by 5% (from 2022) despite the growth in campus activity and continuing intensification of building stock.

*Please note: emission factors subject to change to improve the accuracy of the inventory. The University of Adelaide uses the National Greenhouse Account Factors and Climate Active tools and technical guidance published by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.  

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Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS)

Sustainability tracking, assessment and rating system - participant level rating result

The University of Adelaide will issue a biennial submission to STARS, documenting our sustainability progress across academia, engagement, operations, planning and administration, innovation and leadership. 

For further information about our sustainability projects, initiatives and activities contact sustainability@adelaide.edu.au

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