E-Waste Recycling

Recycle your electronic waste to help preserve our natural resources and decrease soil and water pollution.

Pile of electronic waste including computer hard drives and microwaves

E-waste recycling

Did you know? Electronic devices are made to resist decomposition and some components take more than one million years to break down in landfill. 

Almost any University of Adelaide electronic item can be recycled on campus. Small devices, accessories and computer monitors are either repurposed by Technology Services or recycled for free. The recycling of white-goods (e.g. fridge) or large items (e.g. printer) are typically recharged.

When disposing of e-waste, provide the asset number of all devices to your manager. Place small items in a box and group larger items nearby, then go to the Infrastructure website and Request a Service (caretaking) for collection. Quality items will be re-purposed where possible and the rest will be recycled by Electronic Recycling Australia.

Mobile phone recycling

Did you know? An estimated 25 million mobile phones are unofficially stockpiled in houses across Australia and there are likely to be a few thousand hidden throughout our campuses.

Mobile phones and accessories can be disposed of at battery and mobile phone recycling stations located in student hubs at each campus. Items are sent to Mobile Muster for recycling. The program recovers over 95% of the metal, glass and plastic from items, which are then used in the manufacturing of new products.