Renewable Energy

The University has reduced carbon emissions by installing thousands of solar panels on rooftops across our campuses, as well as a ground-mounted solar farm at the Roseworthy Campus.

Roseworthy solar farm ground-mounted panels

Solar panels are generating electricity during the day and reducing reliance on the energy grid.

Rooftop solar


  • Total kW of renewable energy installed on campus: 1,870
  • Cost: $7.52 million
  • Lifetime savings: $11.8 million
  • Lifetime energy savings: 171,117 GJ
  • Lifetime GHG emission reduction: 23,353 tonnes CO2-e
  • Average payback period: 6.3 years

Roseworthy solar farm and energy storage

The Roseworthy Solar Farm and battery system is generating 42% of the campus's energy needs, reducing peak electricity demand and increasing the resilience of energy supply.

The 1.2MW farm includes 3,200 solar panels that charge a hybrid battery storage solution – a combination of Tesla lithium-ion batteries and UniEnergy Technologies (UET) Vanadium flow batteries.