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The next production from the Theatre Guild is a staged playreading of:

The Way of the World
by William Congreve
15-17 March 2018

If I continue to endure you a little longer,
I may by degrees dwindle into a Wife.
  • More About 'The Way of the World'

    The Theatre Guild is thrilled to open its 80th Anniversary Season with a fresh look at William Congreve’s The Way of the World, last produced by the Guild in 1980 in Union Hall.  Thirty eight years later, we revisit Congreve’s witty text, this time as a staged play reading in the Little Theatre.

    With its cast of rakes, fops, aristocrats and spiteful women, The Way of the World is widely acknowledged as one of the finest Restoration comedies, despite the fact that it was considered a failure when first performed in March 1700 in Lincolns Inn Fields.

    Mirabell and Millamant wish to marry but need the consent of Millamant’s aunt Lady Wishfort in order to receive her dowry.  But therein lies the problem, for Mirabell has grossly slighted the old lady by pretending to be enamoured of her in order to gain access to Millamant.  To further complicate matters, Millamant has a clique of devoted followers whilst Mirabell has more than a few enemies!  And so the fun begins in this delightful comedy of manners.

    Congreve’s writing, finely wrought and deliciously witty, charms the senses as it explores the intoxicating themes of sex, money, relationships and social status.  His way of the world offers a tantalising glimpse at the glitteringly amoral world of Restoration comedy.

    Cast: Laura Antoniazzi, Geoff Dawes, Phil Grummet, Rose Harvey, Brian Knott, Belinda Koopowitz, Simon Lancione, Philip Lineton, Ben McCann, Nima Namjouyan, Emma O’Connell-Doherty, Christine Runnel, April Slomiany, Camilla Wolfe-Barry, Amin Zargarian and Angela Zilm.

    Director: Alexander Kirk
    Lighting Designer: Scott Cleggett

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  • Location

    All productions are in the Little Theatre, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide, and commence at 7.30pm (with the exception of any matinee performances).

    After hours parking is available in the University grounds (ticket machine in Cloisters parking area).

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