ThincSeed, Get Investor Ready.

Alex & Jonathan

What is ThincSeed 2023?

Welcome to ThincSeed, the tailored accelerator program that prepare your company to pitch for investment. Our proven methodology guides companies through well-defined steps, preparing them for a compelling pitch to a broad network of South Australian angel investors.

Our program dives into multiple business facets through interactive sessions, ensuring startups are well-positioned in all critical areas. Gain clarity and equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to meet investor expectations.

ThincLab is offering two exclusive scholarships for innovative companies to join ThincSeed

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Who is running ThincSeed?

The program, led by ThincLab, is managed and delivered in collaboration with Bridgewater Advisory.

ThincLab is The University of Adelaide’s business incubator supporting students, alumni, staff and startups. ThincLab is a knowledge-rich and encouraging community for members on the entrepreneurial journey.

Bridgewater Advisory specialises in providing comprehensive support from startup to a company exit events. Bridgewater focuses on the critical early phases, to help drive revenue growth and attract investor funding. Bridgewater guides companies through those crucial initial years, increasing the likelihood that the path to long-term success is smooth and rewarding.

Key Dates:

Key Dates for ThincSeed
Event Date
Registration of Interest Open 31st July
Registration of Interest Closing Date 10th August
ThincSeed Program Start Date 16th August
ThincSeed Program End Date & Investor Pitch 8th November


  • What to Expect from the ThincSeed Program?

    You will gain invaluable insights into investor mindsets and nail your pitch presentations and negotiations. This approach applies beyond fundraising, covering grant applications, corporate strategy development, and risk reduction for directors. We offer a holistic approach, equipping founders with the tools to make informed decisions and drive their businesses forward. Discover investor perspectives and unlock multiple growth opportunities for your company.

    • Fortnightly workshops (2 hours)
    • 1:1 weekly mentoring sessions to help your specific needs (1 hour)
    • Tracking progress against personalised targets
    • Networking and socialising
  • Who is ThincSeed For?

    This program is tailored for passionate entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, visionary problem-solver, or industry disruptor, our program welcomes those hungry for growth, knowledge, and networking opportunities.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Have a prototype or MVP ready and undertaken initial market validation
    • Pre or early revenue currently undertaking market testing
    • The founder(s) are available to participate in person all program and mentoring sessions during the 13-week program attending all sessions and mentoring session
    • Operating under an Australian Registered Company (Pty Ltd)
  • What Experts/ Mentors Will your Start-up Have Access To?

    Program Leads:

    The program sessions will be delivered by Alex Cross and Jonathan Whalley. Program management is coordinated by the ThincLab Team.


    A cornerstone of each program session will be the keynote presentation by experts selected for their knowledge in the applicable domain. The experts have wide industry experience, have founded and exited businesses and have a passion for the startup ecosystem to thrive.