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What is ThincSeed?

ThincSeed is the tailored accelerator program that propels startups towards success. Our proven methodology guides companies through well-defined steps, preparing them for a compelling pitch to a broad network of Australian angel investors.

Our program dives into multiple business facets through interactive sessions, ensuring startups are well-positioned in all critical areas. Gain clarity and equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to meet seed round investor expectations. The ThincSeed program culminates with a pitch night event open to the business community and potential investors. The participating ThincSeed founders will gain the informative opportunity to pitch their idea in front of a live audience. This is an excellent opportunity for participating founders to network with entrepreneurs, potential investors, alongside University and government leaders.

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ThincSeed Fund

Across the sixteen start-ups selected for the 2024 ThincSeed Accelerator program, participating companies have the opportunity to receive pre-seed investment of up to a total of $40,000 per company from the ThincSeed Fund. This funding is at the discretion of the ThincSeed Investment Committee. Proudly supported by The University of Adelaide’s Innovation and Commercialisation Services department and partnering with Bridgewater Advisory Pty Ltd, this strategic collaboration is designed to enable the first funding steps for high-potential start-ups. The intent of the funding is to drive your company to Seed Round funding success.


Key dates:

The ThincSeed program will be delivered twice in 2024. Below are the key dates for Cohort 2.

Eight start-ups have been selected in Cohort 1. Applications are now open for an additional eight start-ups to join Cohort 2. 

ThincSeed CBD 2024 - Cohort 2
Detail  Date
Applications Open Open Now!
Application Closing Date 14 July 2024
Selection of Participants Date 29 July 2024
ThincSeed Program Start Date 14 Aug 2024
ThincSeed Program End Date & Pitch Night Event 05 Nov 2024


For general enquiries please contact Kat Ortega, ThincSeed Program Coordinator by email at


Jonathan & Alex

Meet the driving forces of ThincSeed

ThincLab is the business incubator at The University of Adelaide and Bridgewater Advisory which specialises in navigating the critical early phases of business growth are partnering in the delivery and management of the ThincSeed program. 

Recipient of Strategic Partnerships Program

ThincLab's commitment to innovation has earned recognition through AEDA's Strategic Partnerships Program. The funding from the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) has enabled the ThincSeed program to run twice in 2024.

We are actively seeking 16 startups led by passionate early-stage founders. If you are in need of seed funding and value the opportunity of enhancing the tools and strategies for achieving sustainable growth, we invite you to apply to participate in ThincSeed 2024.

Congrats to our 2023 ThincSeed cohort:



  • What to Expect from the ThincSeed Program?

    You will gain an invaluable understanding into investor mindsets and refine your pitch presentations and negotiating positions. The insights gained are relevant beyond fundraising; covering grant applications, corporate strategy development, and risk reduction for directors. We offer a holistic approach equipping founders with tools to make enhanced decisions to drive their businesses forward. Through the ThincSeed program, discover investor perspectives and unlock multiple growth opportunities.

    • Fortnightly in-person workshops (2 hours)
    • 1:1 in-person weekly coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs (1 hour)
    • Tracking progress against personalised targets
    • Networking and socialising
    • Opportunity to pitch in front of a live audience at the ThincSeed Pitch Night Event
  • Who is ThincSeed For?

    This program is tailored for passionate entrepreneurs and early-stage startup founders. Whether you have entrepreneurial flare or are a visionary problem-solver our program welcomes those hungry for growth, knowledge, and networking opportunities. We welcome startups from all industries to join ThincSeed.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Have a prototype or MVP ready, and undertaken initial market validation
    • Early revenue or currently undertaking market testing with a line of sight to revenues
    • Founders are available to participate in person for all the mentoring sessions and workshops
    • Operating under an Australian Registered Company (Pty Ltd)
  • What Coaches Will your Start-up Have Access To?

    The program sessions will be delivered by Alex Cross and Jonathan Whalley. Program and event management is coordinated by the ThincLab Team.

    Each program workshop will have an expert guest presenter selected for their domain knowledge. The experts have relevant industry experience and have a passion for the startup ecosystem to thrive.

    Our 2023 Guest Presenters were:

ThincSeed Program Partners

Adelaide Economic Development Agency
The Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) commenced operating in January 2021. The City of Adelaide recognised the importance of the need to accelerate economic growth in the City, and as part of its 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, sought to design and implement a new city-wide business model. This has led to the creation of AEDA. AEDA works closely with businesses, industry groups, state government agencies and other relevant organisations to deliver a range of programs designed to stimulate the city's economic growth with a focus on investment attraction, growing our visitor economy, residential growth, marketing the city as a whole and promoting Rundle Mall as Adelaide's premier shopping destination.

Bridgewater Advisory
Bridgewater Advisory are dedicated to driving success for technology innovators by propelling their global expansion. Their powerhouse team consists of seasoned business and commercialisation experts, including a dynamic ensemble of influential C-Level Principals, boasting extensive international experience. Bridgewater Advisory specialise in delivering ingenious, sustainable business solutions that can supercharge revenue but also seamlessly integrate technical expertise with entrepreneurial acumen.