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The team at the Waite Historic Precinct cover many different roles. In order to contact the best person for your enquiry, please see the listing below.


Access and Safety

Urrbrae House:  Please note that when visiting Urrbrae House you are entering a building constructed in 1891 as a family home.  The original balustrades (railings) around the outside verandahs and the inside Main Hall stairs are much lower than those in more recent buildings.  Please take care not to lean on or over the balustrades.  Children are most welcome visitors to Urrbrae House but, for their safety, we ask that young visitors be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.

Due to the heritage nature of Urrbrae House, there is limited disabled access to the top floor of the building only.  Disabled access is via the eastern glass door of the house.

Gardens and Arboretum: There are accessible pathways throughout sections of the Gardens.

Disabled parking is available at the rear of Urrbrae House, enter the Waite Campus, off Gate 3 from Waite Road, Urrbrae.

Children’s Activity

Our Photo Scavenger Hunt sheet is a fun activity that encourages people to explore Urrbrae House and the adjacent gardens in one hour. It is designed for ages 5-99. You can download your sheet here.


Visitors are welcome to walk their dogs on a lead in the Urrbrae House Gardens and along Walter Young Avenue. To protect the native fauna and precious plants no dogs are allowed in the Waite Arboretum and Waite Conservation Reserve (guide and assistance dogs excepted).

Food and Refreshments

The general public is welcome at the on-campus cafe. Meals and light refreshments are available in the adjacent Aroma Cafe at Lirra Lirra on Waite Road during business hours Monday-Friday.


Autumn brings outbreaks of Deathcap mushrooms in the adjacent Waite Arboretum. Ingestion of even a small amount of the mushroom will cause serious illness and may be fatal. You are advised not to pick or eat any wild mushrooms from the Waite Campus as poisonous mushrooms may resemble edible ones. Information about Deathcap mushrooms can be found on the Australian National Botanical Gardens website.

No Smoking

All of the University of Adelaide campuses are smoke-free, inside and out.  Therefore, smoking is not permitted in Urrbrae House, the gardens, the Waite Arboretum or in carparks on the Waite Campus.

On-campus Security and Emergency Assistance

Assistance is available 24/7 from Waite Campus Security by phoning 8313 2700. An emergency black phone is located in the rear porch of Urrbrae House: to contact Security simply lift the handpiece. No dialling is needed.

Outdoor Conditions

In summer, the average maximum daily temperature is about 27°C, but there are often days of high 30s, so a hat and sunscreen are essential. Covered shoes are recommended when walking in the Arboretum and Waite Conservation Reserve. On Total Fire Ban days (declared for Adelaide Metropolitan and/or Mount Lofty Ranges) the Waite Arboretum, Urrbrae House Gardens and the Conservation Reserve are all closed. Please check CFS website at

In winter, the ground can be wet underfoot and boots or sturdy shoes are recommended.


Recreational, student and not-for-profit photography of Urrbrae House and the Gardens is encouraged.  If photographing inside Urrbrae House, please do not use a flash as the light may damage more delicate items such as books and artworks.

However, where the photographer/ filmographer intends to make a profit from a photoshoot (ie commercial photography) permission must be sought and charges may apply.

Please contact the Urrbrae House Co-ordinator for more details. Email or Ph: 8313 7497.

Photography (Drone)

We understand that keen photographers may be interested in taking aerial shots of Urrbrae House, gardens, and the Waite Arboretum. However, the use of drones poses a safety risk on campus and the University of Adelaide has a primary obligation to ensure the safety of staff, students and the general public using University space. So we ask visitors to note that flying any type of drone on campus is prohibited unless the activity is approved by the Adelaide Drone Hub. Please see  and

Please note that currently all Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) operations (including drone photography) on the University's campuses are suspended pending approval of staffing changes by Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Anyone wishing to operate a drone on campus in the future should send their enquiry to


Toilets are available inside Urrbrae House.  There are also toilets in the Urrbrae House Gardens for visitors to the gardens and Arboretum. There are no toilet facilities in the Waite Conservation Reserve.

Waite Campus Walking Tour

A brochure for a self-guided tour of heritage sites on the Western half of the Waite Campus can be found here.


A drinking fountain is located adjacent to the facilities (toilet) block in the garden on the southern side of Urrbrae House.

Urrbrae House Historic Precinct

Amanda Jackson
Telephone: +61 8 8313 7497

Waite Arboretum

Dr Kate Delaporte
Telephone: +61 8 8313 7405

Waite Conservation Reserve

Dr Kate Delaporte
Telephone: +61 8 8313 7405

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Waite Campus
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