The Gatehouse (originally referred to as The Lodge) is State heritage-listed and was built for Peter Waite c1883-84.

The building was located at the corner of Fullarton and Cross Roads. It was designed to reflect its function as the prominent entry point to the Urrbrae estate and in particular, to Urrbrae House.

From the time of its construction, the Gatehouse was predominantly used as the residence for Peter Waite’s head gardeners and their families. The family of Frederick Charles Couzens, known as Fred Couzens Snr, maintained an especially long association with the building as the Gatehouse became their home for over half a century.

Fred Couzens Jnr was appointed to the Waite Agricultural Research Institute as its first groundsman in 1928. He dedicated himself to the care and development of the Waite Arboretum’s scientific tree collection until his retirement as head gardener in 1966.

With the widening of the Fullarton and Cross Roads intersection by the South Australian Government’s Department for Infrastructure and Transport in 2022, the Gatehouse is being dismantled and relocated nearer to Urrbrae House off Claremont Avenue.