Volunteering at the Waite Historic Precinct

Volunteers play an important role in the day to day functioning of the Waite Historic Precinct. Volunteers can take on many roles in many areas of interest and can volunteer in different sectors of the Historic Precinct.

The Waite Arboretum, Urrbrae House Gardens and Conservation Reserve offer a chance to work with nature. You will be able to make a practical difference in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment with like minded people.

The volunteers of Urrbrae House will have the opportunity to work with the public and contribute to a Heritage-listed house and accredited museum.

If you would like to volunteer at the Waite Historic Precinct, please click on the position below and use the contact details for the relevant role.

Volunteer positions at the Waite Historic Precinct

  • Conservation of Indigenous species

    Waite Arboretum and Waite Conservation Reserve

    The Waite Historic Precinct values conservation and preservation of Indigenous species. Volunteer projects in this area are available from time to time.

    For further information, please email arboretum@adelaide.edu.au

  • Events

    Periodically throughout the year, Urrbrae House is host to various events and exhibitions. Volunteers may assist with the University's community engagement activities at Urrbrae House.

    For further information please phone 8313 7497 or email urrbraehouse@adelaide.edu.au.

    The Friends groups are also a great way to get involved in events and fundraising at the Waite Historic Precinct

  • Flower arranging

    Urrbrae House

    Our flower arrangers have the luxury of working with some of Adelaide's most beautiful flowers sourced from the Rose Gardens of Urrbrae House and the Waite Arboretum. Our flower arrangers regularly arrange displays for Urrbrae House and on occasion for University of Adelaide events.

    Please contact  8313 7497 or email urrbraehouse@adelaide.edu.au.

  • Gardening

    Waite Arboretum and Urrbrae House Gardens

    With upwards of 2,400 plant specimens in our world-class Arboretum and our Urrbrae House Historic Precinct Gardens, assistance is always welcome. Our Volunteers meet regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays during the morning to tender the gardens. This program is especially good for those who no longer have a garden at home yet want to keep gardening in the fresh air in a friendly and supportive environment.

    Gardening skills and a certain level of commitment to the program are appreciated. The gardens and arboretum occupy large areas within the historic precinct with activities involving long distances for which a general level of fitness and mobility is required.

    Please contact Erica Boyle for further information on 8313 7405 or preferably email at arboretum@adelaide.edu.au

  • Primary Schools History Program

    Urrbrae House

    This interactive schools program for primary students is run on Wednesday mornings during school term and is designed to enable students in Years 1-2 and 4-6 to step back into the recreated world of 1892. Our volunteers also step back in time, developing a character through role-play and costumes to help recreate the past for the children. Volunteers lead children through various activities.

    Year 4-6 children are divided into groups of:

    Guests of the Waites where the children experience a formal morning tea in the Dining Room and undertake leisure activities appropriate to ladies and gentlemen such as croquet on the lawn (depending on weather), quoits, parlour games, dominoes, flower-pressing and sketching.

    Household Servants where by the children experience the many manual tasks that were essential to the running of a large Victorian household such as preparing and serving food, doing laundry using washboards, cleaning silver, polishing boots, beating rugs and making pomanders.

    School Children are taken through a school lesson by a governess that includes copperplate writing using inkwells and nib pens, and learning about Victorian values. The children are also given the opportunity to play with reproductions of late nineteenth century toys such as porcelain dolls, china tea sets, wooden tops and quoits.

    Children in Years 1-2 undertake a simpler, modified version of the older children's program.

    For more information see the Schools' Program page.

    For further information contact 8313 7497 or email urrbraehouse@adelaide.edu.au.

    PLEASE NOTE : All schools volunteers must obtain a DCSI clearance as you will be working with children, the University can assist you with this.

  • Data collection

    The Waite Arboretum and Conservation Reserve

    Project works involving data collection of flora and fauna are available from time to time.

    Please email arboretum@adelaide.edu.au for further information.

  • Research and Collections

    Urrbrae House

    Project work involving historic research and the Urrbrae House Historic Precinct Collections is available from time to time.

    If you have an interest and some experience in these areas please contact Lynette Zeitz for further information on 8313 7425 or email lynette.zeitz@adelaide.edu.au.

  • Tour guides and guided walks

    Urrbrae House

    Volunteer Tour Guides in our heritage-listed Urrbrae House lead tours mainly on the first Sunday of every month during autumn and spring, and during school holidays. Guides can be expected to take groups of up to 20 people at any one time. Guides may also assist with events held during History Month and at other times.

    All of our guides are instructed in the history of Urrbrae House, the Waite family and the early Waite Agricultural Research Institute.
    Please contact  8313 7497 or email urrbraehouse@adelaide.edu.au.

    Waite Arboretum

    Volunteer Tour Guides in the Waite Arboretum operate mainly on the first Sunday of every month and can be expected to take groups of up to 20 people at any one time.

    All of our guides are instructed in the history and features of the Arboretum.
    Please email arboretum@adelaide.edu.au for further information.

  • Working bees

    Waite Conservation Reserve

    Working bees are held fortnightly in autumn to early summer, on alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings. Volunteers participate in a variety of tasks including weed control, seed collection, documentation of flora, and track maintenance.

    Please email arboretum@adelaide.edu.au for further information.