Victorian Era Websites

Social history of the later Victorian era (1860 - 1901)

Websites with interactive activities for primary school children relating to the Victorian era and its social history.

  • National Museum Australia, Canberra
    • Gold Rush game
      A good introduction to life on the Australian goldfields. Students need to think clearly and strategically, as well as gaining a hearty dose of good luck, to win at this decision-maker game set in 1850-1900.
  • BBC, United Kingdom
    • Dress a Victorian (and Tudor) Game
      Two games where students have to correctly dress a Victorian (and Tudor) lady and gentleman.
    • Muck and Brass
      In this game a student imagines they are running a city at the height of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, and they make choices regarding the welfare of their workforce and the prosperity of their business. The game highlights the differences in conditions for rich and poor in the nineteenth century.

Domestic life and cooking in Victorian times.


Queen Victoria chromolithograph

Queen Victoria for whom the era is named. Chromolithograph c.1897.  UH Collection.