The dominant plant species over much of the Reserve is the Grey box Eucalyptus microcarpa, and this determines the vegetation type of the Reserve - 'Grey Box Grassy Woodland'.

Woodland vegetation is characterised by the dominant trees having large canopies relative to their height, and trees being spaced apart such that their canopies do not overlap one another. The 'Box' eucalypts are a distinct group which have a characteristic bark type of short, interlaced fibrous strands which extend up the trunk as far as the major branches. In favourable conditions the grey box may reach 25m in height.

More than 550 species of plants have been recorded in Waite Conservation Reserve. Download a complete plant list prepared by Dr Peter Lang, Senior Botanist, State Herbarium of SA, Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Department for Environment and Water.

6 species in Waite Conservation Reserve have conservation status in Southern Lofty.

Waite Conservation Reserve Eryngium Ovinum (Blue Devil), photo from Friends WCR

Blue Devil, Eryngium Ovinum