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Peter Waite's Garage

Overall, the history suggests that the garage was one of, if not the oldest purpose built garage in South Australia. This certainly warrants its inclusion with the other precinct buildings on both the State and National Heritage lists.

The garage is thought to have been built by Peter Waite around 1900, although there is no documentary proof of this. There is clear evidence however that Waite was interested in Motor Vehicles at an early stage. Peter Waite was elected a member of the Automobile Club in 1905. By 1906 Waite had registered a vehicle and received the numberplate SA2.

Peter Waite owned a number of motor vehicles including several Talbolts. He also purchased one of the first electric cars, a Woods Electric for his daughters. He continued as a member of the automobile club until his death in 1922. Waite’s family also played a role in the club and displayed an enthusiasm for motor vehicles, his son David joining the club in 1910 or 1911.

Waite's daughters Lily and Eva were also keen motorists in their “Electric Brougham” (pictured).

Peter Waite engaged a chauffeur whose name was Halden and who wore a long dust jacket and cap.

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