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19th Century Toys

Educational and activity based websites on nineteenth century toys and pastimes for children.

Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MASS)     -  Australia

The museum website features photographs of their collection objects including nineteenth century toys.  Below is just a sample of some of the toys we have sourced for you.

Children’s Literature Research Collection      -  State Library of South Australia

Other links

Great 19th Century European Wooden Toys, All About Old Toys This pictorial site features toys from France and Germany in the 19th Century including antique dollhouses and dolls.

Noah’s Arks, All About Old Toys  A photographic history and interesting facts about Noah’s Ark wooden toys.

All About ….Victorian Toys, Chertsey Museum, UK  Photographs and short histories of various toys from the Victorian era.

History of Punch and Judy A comprehensive history of Punch and Judy by Judith Lile, with illustrations, photographs and some lines from the famous puppet show.

Preston's Historic Punch and Judy show A company based in South Australia and New South Wales that keeps the Punch and Judy tradition of puppetry alive.

Dolls, Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, London, UK The Museum of Childhood holds the largest collection of dolls in the United Kingdom and examples of Victorian era dolls can be viewed on their website.

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