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Student Grievance Resolution

This website provides information to assist you in lodging an appeal or making a complaint about your treatment within the University. Student Affairs will ensure that your grievance is dealt with fairly and in accordance with the Student Grievance Resolution Process (SGRP).

If you have a grievance because of an academic or administrative decision, or exclusion for unsatisfactory academic progress, by a University of Adelaide staff member, we will do our best to help you resolve the grievance.

If your grievance is in relation to unfair treatment, inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviour by a University of Adelaide staff member or the action of one or more University of Adelaide students, please visit the Safer Campus Community website.

The Student Grievance Resolution Process is available to all students at minimal or no cost.

If you are an international student, the University is required to maintain your enrolment while your Stage 3 Appeal is ongoing (and in some cases while your Stage 4 Appeal is ongoing).

Stages of the Student Grievance Resolution Process

Stage 1 - Informal Discussion

Discuss the grievance with the person directly responsible.

Stage 2 - Formal Review

Lodge a formal complaint with the supervisor of the person directly responsible, or other appropriate person as identified by a Student Grievance Adviser.

Stage 3 - Appeals

Internal appeal or review by Students Grievance and Appeals Committee. Lodge an appeal or a request for review with Student Affairs.

(Stage 3 is not available for Administrative grievances about HECS/FEE/OS-HELP remissions or SLE re-credits.)

Stage 4 - External Review or Appeal

External appeal or review. Lodge a grievance with an external agency.

Types of Grievances

  • Academic Decisions – grievances about decisions which involve the exercise of academic judgement
  • Administrative Decisions, Services or Facilities – grievances about decisions on administrative matters, the quality of administrative service or the provision of facilities
  • Unfair Treatment – for grievances about student behaviour as well as grievances about harassment, sexual harassment or racial discrimination/vilification, please visit the Safer Campus Community website. As these grievances often relate to deeply personal and sometimes traumatic incidents, students are encouraged to seek support when making a complaint.

For grievances about Research Conduct, see the Research Code of Conduct Procedures.

  • Scope

    The University of Adelaide's Student Grievance Resolution Process is intended for use by all students who have a grievance against the University, whether the students are on-shore or off-shore, domestic or international, undergraduate or postgraduate, on-campus or studying externally.

    However, it is important to note that using the Process will not always mean that the University will reverse a decision, end the complained of behaviours or right all perceived wrongs. There are practical limitations on the scope and effectiveness of the resolution process, including:

    • Disagreements
      An action or decision may not be unreasonable or unfair simply because you disagree with it, particularly when academic judgement is involved.
    • Resources
      Some grievances are directly linked to the availability of resources and may not be resolved due to limitations such as budget - for example, a grievance with the size of tutorial classes or availability of computing facilities.
  • Confidentiality

    If you are considering beginning the Student Grievance Resolution Process, read the Confidentiality requirements before you start.

  • Access to Stage 4: External Review or Appeal

    The University of Adelaide’s Student Grievance Resolution Process does not inhibit the right of any student to take their grievance directly to Stage Four, ie to seek external appeal or review. Note that external agencies generally expect you to have exhausted the University's internal grievance resolution processes first.

    If a grievance is the subject of formal external enquiry or legal action, the application of Stages 1-3 of the Student Grievance Resolution Process will be suspended until the external enquiry or action is completed.

  • Compliance

    This Student Grievance Resolution Process has been designed to:

    • be compliant with s.19-45(1) of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth) and Standard 8 of the National Code under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Cth)
    • be consistent with AS ISO 10002-2006, Customer Satisfaction-Guidelines for complaint handling in organisations
    • conform with the principles of Procedural Fairness
  • Authority to Change Student Grievance Resolution Process

    Changes to this process may only be made by authority of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic), except that changes to titles, names, references or links may be approved by the Manager, Student Affairs.

Further Enquiries

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