Report an Incident

Know your options

You can seek advice about your options from our:

Additional advice and support is available from Adelaide University Union:

External to the University, you may wish to seek guidance or help from:

  • Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service; 8226 8787

Disclosures and reports

The University encourages you to report incidents to enable the University to take action. If you would like information about this process, phone the Student Behaviour and Conduct Advice Line (8313 1200) from Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm.

Internal: Students may make confidential disclosures or non-confidential disclosures (recorded reports) through various channels at the University. More information on this procedure can be found on the Student Behaviour and Conduct page. You can make a recorded report to the University here.

Anonymous reports can be made through the Campus Security Silent Witness reporting form.

External: students may wish to make a report directly to SA Police (SAPOL). The University will not be made aware of reports directly to SAPOL. Visit the SAPOL website to find contact information and your local police station.