Training and Education

The University continuously delivers a suite of free training programs aimed at educating staff and students on matters concerning inappropriate behaviour, as well as diversity and inclusion.

  • Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment - what are the drivers and how can staff respond

    For staff

    This online course aims to educate university staff about sexual harassment and sexual assault, the policies and practices within the University of Adelaide and the impact of these practices on individuals.

    This course is recommended to all university staff, academic and professional, and is a mandatory induction module for staff new to the University. 

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  • "Brief" Recognise & Respond (to Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment/ SASH disclosures) (in person)

    For staff and students

    Jo McNamara

    Jo is a University of Adelaide alumni, who studied honours Psychology and has a background in Social Work. She has worked as a counsellor, in addition to community health worker and also manager in both government and non-government settings, such as Women’s Health and Sexual Health, for almost 30 years. Her expertise is in working with diverse young people on trauma and sexual violence, sexuality and gender identity, relationship and sex.

    The session runs for 1.5 hours and there is plenty of time for questions toward the end of the session.


    Training Date Location Time
    "Brief" Recognise & Respond (to SASH) 28 November Hughes 322 10:00am - 11:30am


    Training Date Location Time Notes
    "Brief" Recognise & Respond (to SASH) 18 July Hughes 322 10:00am - 11:30am   
    "Brief" Recognise & Respond (to SASH) 19 September Hughes 322 10:00am - 11:30am  








  • MATE Bystander Training: Changing Culture (Preventing Sexual Harm) (in person)

    For students only

    Free three hour workshop for current students. Light morning tea provided.

    This is an education and intervention program teaching us all to be leaders in the prevention of sexual violence and harassment.

    The program is designed to teach students how to recognize sexual violence in its various forms and have the confidence to speak out and offer help.

    Ultimately, we seek to inspire leadership by empowering participants with the tools to feel confident in addressing harmful and abusive behaviour.

    (MATE stands for Motivating Action Toward Empowerment and is a project of Griffith University, QLD)

    Register here for this training.

    Completion of MATE Bystander training for students can be counted towards the Adelaide Graduate Award | University of Adelaide

    Training Date Location Time
    MATE Bystander Training - Students          General Admission 21 September Hughes 322 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • MyUni Training (online)

    For staff and students 

    Boundaries, respect and positive intervention.

    To support a respectful and inclusive university environment, we are offering free online courses to all students and staff to teach the core principles of respect and respectful relationships communication within relationships. 

    These courses help you understand the issues of consent, what constitutes sexual assault and sexual harrassment, and the support that is available. 

    These courses cover important information for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or existing knowledge on the topic. It contains discussion about relationships, dating, and sex. There will be mention of sexual harassment and sexual assault, including definitions and some examples of these behaviours.

    Consent and Respectful Relationships for students Consent Matters for staff

  • Recognise and Respond to Disclosures (in person)

    For staff and students

    Building your understanding and confidence in responding appropriately to sexual violence.

    As the lead public health unit responding to adult rape and sexual assault in South Australia, Yarrow Place provides training and education to other agencies and workers delivering services to people who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

    This includes providing training, information and support to workers in a range of occupations and co-working with other services and working to prevent rape and sexual assault.

    Training and education is offered in the following areas:

    • recognising and responding to disclosures of rape and sexual assault
    • medical service provision
    • counselling and therapeutic models of intervention
    • trauma informed care and practice.

    For more information visit their website, call 1800 817 421 or email

  • ALLY training (in person)

    For staff and students

    ALLY Training workshops aim to raise student and staff awareness of the life experiences, issues and needs of LGBTIQ+ staff and students, as well as information about the role and expectations of being an ALLY Network member.

    Completion of ALLY Network training for students can be counted towards the Adelaide Graduate Award | University of Adelaide

    Topics include:

    • Diversity of sexual and gender expression
    • Issues and needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ+) students and staff
    • Concepts such as homophobia and heterosexism
    • The role and expectations of being an ALLY Network member

    Training sessions are free and are facilitated by the ALLY Network Convenor. Please see upcoming training dates below, as well as dates for refresher training:

  • Walk in Rainbow Shoes (online)

    For staff and students

    This 20 minute module was developed by Pride in Diversity and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to assist in raising awareness about LGBTIQ inclusion, particularly in the workplace.

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  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Induction Course (online)

    For staff and students

    The University of Adelaide is a culturally diverse environment.

    Your understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture, and knowledge of resources and support available at the university will help you to better engage and meet the needs of Aboriginal staff and students.

    This induction module forms part of the Tarrkarri Tirrka strategy. 

    Estimated time to complete course: 30 mins 

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  • Equal Opportunity Induction Course (online)

    For staff and students

    The University is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment in which all students and staff are treated fairly and equitably. The EO online course aims to assist with this goal.

    This interactive course provides theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of the following topic areas: equal employment opportunity, anti-discrimination laws, discrimination, harassment, inappropriate relationships and the complaints process. 

    Please note this course is hosted on an external website and staff will be required to register a new account using their work email address and create a password (password should not be the same as your UofA account). 

    Estimated time to complete course: 90 mins per module 

    • All new staff must complete Module 1.
    • New people leaders must also complete Module 2. 

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