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Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD)

Great news for the ACAD team this month, as the ARC announced its next batch of research funding starting from 2018. Two groundbreaking ACAD-based projects have been awarded with 3 years of funding: 

Image on left Dr Christian Huber (currently UCLA) has been awarded a prestigious DECRA fellowship. He will lead a new project that leverages the rapidly growing set of ancient human genomes being curated on the unique OAGR database to investigate how human populations have adapted to the major environmental and sociocultural changes that occurred during our transition from hunter gatherers through to early farmers and modern industrial societies.

Image on left An Indigenous Discovery grant will allow Dr Ray Tobler and an international team of researchers to reconstruct the original human migration to Australia ≥50kya, and investigate the subsequent diversification of first peoples of Australia. The international team includes Herawati Sudoyo, Murray Cox, Francois Ricaut and Wolfgang Haak – each of whom have long and enduring ties with Indigenous populations across Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia – which will ensure that the research remains firmly grounded upon the high ethical standards practiced by the Eureka Award-winning Aboriginal Heritage Project.

We will be looking to recruit several PhD students to join these exciting projects, with advertisements to appear on the UoA website in the near future.

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