ACAD has been awarded > $20m dollars worth of research funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC), State and Federal Government agencies since establishing in 2005. and has several linkages with international collaborators and museums.

We greatly appreciate and acknowledge the support of the ARC and our Business Partners for our continued research endeavours. 

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Grant highlights

ACAD has attracted several top talent fellowships via the ARC Fellow scheme - 1 Federation Fellow, 4 Future Fellows, 4 DECRA, 1 Laureate and 1 Indigenous DATSIA, including a visiting Marie Curie Fellow.

  • ARC DECRA: Using ancient DNA to uncover climate change impacts on Antarctica, Linda Armbrecht, 2020
  • ARC Discovery: The genomic landscape of speciation in hominins and other taxa, Christian Huber, 2019
  • ARC DECRA: Adaptation and diversification of the first peoples of Sahul, Raymond Tobler, 2019
  • ARC DECRA: Palaeo-population genomics: studying adaptation using ancient human DNA, Christian Huber, 2018
  • ARC Future Fellowship: Stories from the past: the impact of industrialisation on the human microbiome, Laura Weyrich, 2018
  • ARC Indigenous Fellowship: Using genetics to reconstruct the peopling and diversification of Sahul, Ray Tobler, 2018
  • ARC Discovery: Australian Heritage: constructing the first Aboriginal reference genome, Bastien Llamas, 2017
  • ARC Centre of Excellence on Australian Biodiversity and Heritage, Adelaide node, Alan Cooper and Laura Weyrich, 2017
  • ARC Future Fellowship: An integrated molecular approach to human evolution, Bastien Llamas, 2017
  • ARC DECRA: Evolution and Adaptation of the Human Microbiome, Laura Weyrich, 2015
  • ARC Discovery: Human identification, ancient DNA and genomics: new approaches using targeted capture and high throughput DNA sequencing, Alan Cooper, 2015
  • ARC Linkage: The role of the epigenetic modifications in bovid adaptation to environmental change,  Alan Cooper, 2013
  • ARC Discovery: Reconstructing the impact of climate change on Australian native species, Jeremy Austin, 2013
  • ARC Linkage:  Identifying the diversity and evolution of loci associated with adaptation to aridity/heat and salinity in ancient cereal crops, Alan Cooper, 2013
  • ARC Linkage: Comparative palaeogenomics of the Arctic Tundra ecosystem: The genetic response of plants and animals to climate change, Alan Cooper, 2011
  • ARC Discovery: A powerful new genetic view of the recent evolutionary history of humans and their diseases, Alan Cooper, 2011
  • ARC Discovery: Reconstructing the human colonisation of the Pacific using modern and ancient chicken DNA, Jeremy Austin, 2011
  • ARC Future Fellowship: DNA and the missing: ancient DNA and advanced forensic identification, Jeremy Austin, 2010
  • ARC Linkage: Environmental Genomics: Mining climate change, water, crime and health, Alan Cooper, 2009