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Our research in the news

December Somerton Man: One of Australia's most baffling cold cases could be a step closer to being solved. ABC News
August Eureka Prize win for Aboriginal Heritage Project, UoA media release

Study finds Tasmanian devils found on mainland were probably stowaways, Australian Geographic

Megafaunal extinctions driven by too much moisture, The Conversation

Australian's human history older than thought, ABC Radio Science Show


ACAD had the great honour of publishing two Nature papers in the same edition this month. Dental plaque DNA shows Neandertals used aspirin and Aboriginal hair shows 50,000 years connection to country, UoA Media releases


Research Tuesday presentation. View Alan Cooper present our Aboriginal Heritage Project

September ARC Centre of Excellence announced today: Australian Biodiversity and Heritage bringing together 20 institutions and museums worldwide. ACAD is the sole ancient DNA Facility. UoA Media release
August South Australian Scientist of the Year: Congratulations to Alan Cooper for being awarded SA Scientist of the year, and Kieren Mitchell as 1 of 3 finalists for PhD Excellence. UoA Media release
July DNA evidence proves climate change killed off prehistoric megafauna, The Conversation
Recent research published
  New paper puplished: Ancient DNA shows perfect storm felled Ice Age giants (UoA media release)

Listen to Kieren Mitchell describe his latest research (on giant short-faced bears in North and South America), with Ewart Shaw on Radio Adelaide >>

ABC’s Radio National Awaye program (with Daniel Browning) reports on ACAD’s ARC funded Aboriginal Heritage Project. This partnership project with SA Museum, and a team of national and international experts, looks at tracing regional ancestry with Australia, and reconstructs personal and family genealogical history prior to the arrival of Europeans. Listen in full here

New paper - Ancient DNA shows European wipe-out of early Americans - University media release


New paper - Ancient genomes reveal that the English are one third Anglo-Saxon - University media release

November Seeing natural selection at work in ancient human DNA, UoA Media Release
September ACAD helps identify child remains discovered almost two months ago, ABC News
August Alan talks with Ewart Shaw on Radio 891 about his lates research published in Science. Who or what caused mammoths to die out?


April Listen to Alan Cooper talk with Ewart Shaw on Radio Adelaide as part of the Searchlight (scientists talking about their research) program.
March New paper - Research challenges popular theory on origin of languages - University Media Release
February Listen to Jeremy Austin talk with Radio Adelaide DJ Ian Henschke about science.
January New paper - Out of the pouch: ancient DNA from extinct giant roos - University Media Release
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Alan talks with radio DJ Kim Hill in New Zealand about his research


Scientists to excavate Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming for prehistoric fossils,

  • Chicken bones tell true stroy of Pacific migration, UoA Media release or read a full article on The Conversation
  • Working to identify the missing soldier on HMAS Sydney, The Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Channel 9 segment on the HMAS missing soldier. Research conducted at ACAD by Jeremy Austin
  • February

    ACAD's research makes the cover of Molecular Ecology's February 2014 edition.

    January ACAD involved in the DNA analysis of a horse racing legend, Museum of New Zealand
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  • Alan Cooper comments on DNA extracted from a 400,000 year old bone on ABC Radio
  • Jeremy Austin interviewed by The Age on the same topic - a Neandertal toe bone discovered in 2010 from the Altai Mountains.
  • October

    2 new papers published in Science, Uni media release:

    August Story on ancient teeth and diet, ABC TV Catalyst
    July A fossil history of human bacteria - forming now on your teeth, e-science magazine

    New DNA test on roo poo identifies species, Uni Media Release

  • Making of Europe unlocked by DNA, BBC News
  • Ancient DNA reveals Europe's dynamic genetic history, Uni media release.
  • Hooroo, where's the poo? The Australian, Higher Education article
  • March
  • History mystery solved: the origins of the Falkland Islands Wolf, The Conversation
  • Wolf mystery solved, Adelaide Advertiser
  • February
  • Media release, 'Ancient teeth bacteria record disease evolution' for a new paper published in Nature Genetics
  • ACAD features in e-Science Magaine Issue 4, 'Ancient dung the key to discovering lost ecological interactions
  • Prehistoric Plaque and the Gentrification of Europe's Mouth, National Geographic
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  • Read Peggy Macqueen's article 'Ice Age: Resurrecting the past using DNA' published in e-Science Magazine Issue 3.
  • Ancient dung holds clues to saving rare plant, ABC Science
  • August
  • Life in the Freezer: Paul Czechowski answers one of the 10 Big Questions in The Advertiser's Can you Believe it? science series.
  • Congratulations to Alan Cooper for being a finalist in the SA Scientist of the year category.
    SA Science Awards
  • Photo by Matthew Burns Photography

    • Jeremy Austin wins award. To kick start National Science Week, organisers announced the Unsung Hero of South Australian Science Awards 2012. Congratuations Jeremy.  
    Jeremy Jeremy
    Photos courtesy of Donna Montes
    May Dingoes hunted Tasmanian tigers to extinction. Listen to the ABC Radio PM program, where Jeremy Austin speaks with radio reporter, Timothy McDonald.
  • Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine) sightings. Herald Sun newspaper article.
  • Ancient DNA holds clues to climate change adaptation, e-Science Magazine inaugural issue.
  • February
  • Congratulations to Jeremy Austin (Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Linh Nguyen, Tanya Monro and team (Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing) for winning $100k to fund the Adelaide Integrated Bioscience Laboratories, part of BioInnovation SA.
    This funding will help build the Advanced DNA Forensics Facility within the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA and develop and implement quality accreditation and method validation for a range of DNA-based methods focussing on degraded human skeletal remains.
  • ACAD in Cosmos article, Ancient bison bones hold climate clues, need to be a subscriber to view story.
  • Climate insight in Bison bones, The Advertiser
  • Primeval Bison Bones Unravel Mystery of Climate Change Adaptation, International Business Times, US Edition
  • January
  • What fossils and ancient DNA analysis reveal, New York Times
  • Fossil DNA has clues to surviving rapid climate change, New Scientist
  • Ancient DNA holds clues to climate change adaptation
  • Jeremy Austin features in COSMOS magazine, need to be a subscriber to view story.
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    December Woolly Mammoth Blood (link removed by Red Cross)- Alan Cooper presents his research to the Australian Red Cross, Adelaide
    October The Conversation, Jeremy Austin provides a film review - The Hunter: bioethics and extinct DNA in the Tasmanian wilderness
  • Our hybrid origins, New Scientist
  • Missing person identification - "Nin's Brother" SBS Documentary
  • March Ancient devil DNA helps solve modern dilemma, ABC Radio PM. Listen to Jeremy Austin speak with radio report, Felicity Ogilvie
    February Fossil DNA saving our species, ABC Science
    January Researchers to drill for hobbit history, Nature News
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    DNA uncovers one of the world's rarest birds

    DNA reveals origins of first European farmers, and First European farmers were Middle Eastern, Cosmos Magazine, need to be a subscriber to view story.

    Ancient DNA trails leads to modern killers, The Weekend Australian


    Adelaide Cheek Swab Campaign, hosted by The University of Adelaide and RiAus and sponsored by IBM.
    Members of ACAD, the Environment Institute and IBM Australia took to the Adelaide Central Markets for a Public Cheek Swab campaign to assist in the Genographic Project.

    genographic genographic
    Line-up at 7am. Public at the information stand.
    genographic alan
    Volunteers helping the participants Alan being interviewed
    Jennifer DNA
    ACAD staff providing project information. DNA captured

    Resurrected mammoth blood very cool. View Prof Alan Cooper's presentation here

    Woolly Mammoth blood brought back to life, Cosmos Magazine, need to be a subscriber to view issue.

    March ABC Science Radio, "New Human Species Discovered". Click the pod cast to hear Dr Jeremy Austin's comments
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    December DNA study sheds new light on horse evolution

    Extinct moa rewrites New Zealand's history

  • Ancient bison genetic treasure trove for farmers - New paper, and related article on ABC Science
  • The Genoproject takes to the streets of Melbourne, National Geographic blog.
  • September Dr Jeremy presents at the Museum Victoria
    August Ancient DNA reveals details in New Zealand penguins and Moas, ABC The Science Show
  • Scientists 'rebuild' giant moa using ancient DNA
  • DNA from old grave sites, ABC The Science Show
  • June Fromelles DNA Fears, The Australian
    February 'Ancient DNA', ABC TV Catalyst
  • Giant bird poo records pre-human New Zealand, Media Release
  • Poo clue to ancient bird's diet, BBC News
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  • Stone Age family discovery makes TIME's Top 10, Media Release
  • Penguins' not-so-happy ending discovered in DNA, The Adelaidean
  • November
  • New linkage project to save the endangered Tassie devil; listen to ABC National radio interview on-line (Nov 4, 2008)
  • New penguin species found in New Zealand, Media Release
  • Stone-age grave reveals ancient nuclear family, Media Release
  • October The Hunt for the Unknown Sailor, Readers Digest, issue 11/08
    September New funded project to study what moas ate more than 600 years ago. The Southland Times
    August Silent Witness: new ARC Linkage Project, Media Release
  • 'Chicken and chips' theory of Pacific migration Media Release
  • Chicken bone spurs debate over Americas' First Visitors, National Geographic News
  • June New Zealand colonised 1000 years later, Medica Release
  • Human Remains from HMAS Sydney identified by DNA, video media ABC Sateline trailer story
  • 'Hobbit' fossils debate, BBC News
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    September Pigs don't fly, but they do migrate, Media Release
    August Identification of human remains from the HMAS Sydney, The Bulletin
  • Tasmanian Tiger extinction mystery, Media Release
  • Mammoths to Return? DNA advances spur resurrection debate, National Geographic News
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    December Fossil discovery sheds new light on the evolution of mammals in New Zealand. Media Release
  • Ancient DNA unlocks secrets of the past, The Adelaidean
  • Neanderthal man's last stand, Sydney Morning Herald
  • August Opening of ACAD
    July Digging up the past: Analysing ancient DNA, Lumen Winter 2006 Issue
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    February Research at the Uni
    June 2004 Adelaide Uni to host Federation Fellow
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