Disclosure and Confidentiality


Disclosure - It’s a personal choice.

The following link will take you to useful information developed by ADCET (Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training) which may help you to understand when and why you may choose to disclose your medical condition or disability, and how this may assist you with negotiating Reasonable Adjustments to your studies at University.



    Information about the nature of your disability or medical condition is not disclosed without your permission.

    The word 'disability' is used in a generic way to protect your privacy. It is used in your Access Plan and in correspondence with Course Coordinators.

    Information obtained from you about the functional impact of the disability or medical condition is used to develop an Access Plan. This will inform how best to develop specific Reasonable Adjustments to support you in your study. Information contained in your Access Plan will be shared with University of Adelaide staff solely for the purpose of assisting you in your studies.

    Your choice to work with Disability Support is not reflected on your transcript. The University has policies which aim to protect and support students with disabilities and eliminate discrimination wherever possible: