Our Team

For general enquiries, contact us via:

Roseworthy students can also contact the Student Support Coordinator on 8313 7812.

When you have an appointment with a Disability Advisor, we will go through ways we could help you manage your specific needs.

To receive support from Disability Support you will need to register via the online registration form.

Disability support online registration form

Disability Support team

Nikki Kelly

Manager, Disability Support

Annie Harris

Disability Advisor

Gus Bhaskarraj

Disability Advisor

Linda Rankine

Disability Advisor

Sylvia Liao

Senior Disability Support Officer 

Kelsi Carman

Disability Support Officer

Roseworthy campus support staff

Sally Polkinghorne

Student Support Coordinator - Roseworthy

Rebecca Dunbar

Student Services Officer, Roseworthy Campus