FAQs For Students

Find out more about Access Plans, Alternative Exam Arrangements and general support services.

  • What documentation will I need to provide to get assistance from Disability Support? Does my documentation need to be in English?

    Please ask your doctor to complete our Verification and Impact Statement (VIS) - you will find this on our how to register page. This provides us with information about the impact of your health condition or disability on your studies, which will enable us to put the right supports in place for you.

    If you have a diagnosed Specific Learning Disability (e.g. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia) you are required to provide a copy of your Adult Learning Assessment/ Psycho-Educational Assessment instead of a VIS. This assessment will need to have been completed after you commenced high school, to ensure the recommendations will be relevant to your studies at University. For more information have a look at this information about the Psycho-Educational Assessment Process.

    If you have any other relevant information (e.g. SATAC/Year 12 accommodations or other university Access Plan), please also provide copies of these.

    All documentation must be provided in English, or a certified translation provided.

  • Do I need to register with Disability Support if I have already notified you about my disability when I applied?

    Yes, any information regarding a student’s disability that is provided to SATAC or in the International Application System is not passed on to Disability Support.

    Please register online with Disability Support as soon as you enrol in your courses, and provide us with copies of relevant supporting documentation.

  • Do I need to re-register with Disability Support each semester / year?

    No, you only need to register once with Disability Support, however your Access Plan and/or Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) may only be valid for one semester/year.

    Check your previous Access Plan and/or AEA - the duration of your Access Plan and/or AEA is noted on these documents.

    It is your responsibility to ensure your Access Plan and/or AEA are valid for the teaching period in which you will be studying. Please arrange an appointment to see your Disability Advisor to update these documents prior to each semester/ year commencing, if you still require them.

    You may be required to provide updated medical documentation to obtain a new Access Plan and/or AEA for the following semester/year, depending on your specific circumstances and the information provided by your treating health practitioner. Your Disability Advisor will discuss this with you when setting up your Access Plan and/or AEA.

    If your health condition or requirements change during the semester, it is important that you contact your Disability Advisor to provide an update. Your Disability Advisor may request additional medical documentation, to support any changes to your Access Plan and/or AEA.

  • What is an Access Plan?

    Your Access Plan documents information about the impact of your disability or medical condition on your studies, without disclosing the nature of your condition. It outlines potential Reasonable Adjustments to assist you with your studies, however these will not be in place automatically.

    You must email your Access Plan to your Course Coordinator at the start of each semester/ teaching period, and each time you are requesting one of the Reasonable Adjustments we have included in your Access Plan (e.g. extension on assignment).

  • What are Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA)?

    Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) may include changes to the environment, duration, or other exam conditions, to enable you to sit your scheduled exam.

    AEA do not change the content of your exam paper - you will have the same exam questions as other students.

    All AEA need to be organised in advance. To do this, you will need to register online with Disability Support and provide relevant supporting medical documentation. Once we have received your registration and documentation, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to speak to a Disability Advisor, who will discuss your individual requirements.

    The AEA cut-off dates for the full year can be found in the next FAQ.

  • When is the AEA cut-off date?

    Every study period has a different AEA cut-off date. Below is the complete list for the cut-off dates in 2024.  

    Study Period

    AEA Cut-off dates

    Summer School Primary Exam

    18 January

    Summer School R/AA Exam

    19 February

    Semester 1 Primary Exam

    30 April

    Semester 1 R/AA Exam

    1 July

    Winter School Primary Exam

    27 June

    Winter School R/AA Exam

    24  July

    Semester 2 Primary Exam

    18 September

    Semester 2 R/AA Exam

    18 November

    Trimester 1 Primary Exam

    24 March

    Trimester 1 R/AA

    6 May

    Trimester 2 Primary Exam

    15 July

    Trimester 2 R/AA

    23 August

    Trimester 3 Primary Exam

    22 October

    Trimester 3 R/AA

    2  December


  • Can I request Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) after the cut-off date?


    However, if you have a new temporary injury (e.g. fractured hand), a newly diagnosed condition, or a recent significant exacerbation in your condition please register online with Disability Support immediately. A Disability Advisor will discuss your specific circumstances and potential options with you. This may include advising you to consider applying for replacement exams, so that we have time to arrange suitable AEA for the replacement exam period.

  • What is the difference between Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) and Replacement Exams?

    Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) are different to Replacement Exams.

    Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) relate to changes to the environment, duration, or other exam conditions, to enable you to sit your scheduled exam. AEA may apply to primary or replacement exams.

    If you have a significant exacerbation of your medical condition and are too unwell to sit your primary exams on the scheduled date (even with AEA in place), you may apply for a Replacement Exam. Students are required to be available for both the Primary and Replacement Exam periods each semester/ teaching period.

    Please refer to the Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment (MACA) policy for further information. To apply for a replacement exam on medical grounds your treating health practitioner must complete the MACA – Application for Replacement Exam form and you will need to submit as per the instructions on the form.

    Apply online

  • I have mobility difficulties. Who can I speak to about access around campus?

    Please go to our Campus Access page for information.

  • I have taken a break from my study. Will my previous Access Plan and/or Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) still be in place when I return?

    If you take a break from your studies of more than one year, please book an appointment to see your Disability Advisor as soon as you return to studies, to update your AP and/or AEA, as these may have lapsed during your absence.

    You may be required to provide updated/additional supporting documentation to ensure your Access Plan is accurately meeting your current needs.

  • Does the University provide assistive software or specialised equipment?

    When you meet with a Disability Advisor, your specific needs and options will be discussed. This may include access to the Adaptive Technology Room that has assistive software installed on the computers, and a CCTV machine available. Access to this room must be arranged in advance by your Disability Advisor and is provided based on your documented needs.

    Organising relevant software/ equipment can take time. Register online with Disability Support as soon as possible to avoid delays.

  • I am a Cross-Institutional Student. Can I use my Access Plan and/or AEA from my home university at The University of Adelaide?

    No, your Access Plan and/or AEA from another university cannot be used at The University of Adelaide.

    Each university has its own unique processes and policies, and the types of Reasonable Adjustments available may vary between universities, especially if your home university is in another country.

    Please register online with Disability Support prior to commencing your studies with us, so that we have time to discuss your needs and explain what Reasonable Adjustments may be possible. Please provide us with a copy of your Access Plan and/or AEA from your home university, as well as copies of any medical documentation you provided to them in order to arrange these supports

  • Are there any quiet spaces on campus for me to study?

    The University Library has a number of quiet study spaces including open access areas and bookable spaces. For details go to Library services - places to study.