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Environment Institute Research

Our work seeks to understand how we can protect and enhance biodiversity despite pressure from human activity and changing climate. You can read more about this focus in our Biodiversity section.


Scientific evidence indicates that the planet has become warmer over the past century and that much of the observed warming is due to increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide. Our work looks to understand change, mitigate carbon emissions and develop responses to the anticipated impacts of climate change on ecology, food productivity and the environmental services that underpin our economy. Read more in our Climate section.


We investigate and seek to understand future land use alternatives by considering both environmental and social systems. This systems-wide research looks at whole ecosystems as well as exploring management options for improving agricultural productivity while conserving and restoring natural ecosystems. Read more in our Land section.


Water - in oceans, rivers, lakes and on land - is essential for health and environmental systems. We engage with government, industry and the community to look at balancing human and environmental needs - as well as improvements - when it comes to climate change, fresh water management, human health and seas and oceans. Read more in our  Marine & Water section.

Environment Institute
The University of Adelaide



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