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The Future Leaders Program offers secondary schools the opportunity to be part of South Australia’s leading University programs in Business, Law, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

The Future Leaders Program offers secondary schools a platform for academic, professional and personal success. Schools, teachers and students in Years 10, 11 and 12 can sign up for Future Leaders. This is a program designed to inspire students to connect with the challenges of tomorrow and lead positive change through Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Project management.

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Leading the Future, today

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Making tomorrow's leaders

The Future Leaders Program offers secondary schools a platform for academic, professional and personal success.


Inspire the future

Develop practical and professional skills through a series of workshops and networking events.


Develop future leaders

Launching in 2021, our teachers’ program is designed to enhance curriculum delivery and contribute to the learning to the success of students.


Realise your future

Explore the relationship between your high school subjects and university study pathways.

Access exclusive workshops

Understanding financial literacy

This presentation will raise awareness of the pitfalls and also the opportunities that await your students as they prepare to become financially independent adults. It is designed to explain concepts of borrowing, saving and spending in a way that is accessible to senior high school students.

United we stand, divided we fall

Experience the economics of cooperation in a computer game-like environment. Play a very simple interactive decision game with your classmates on a computer. Find out what hints a video from a UK game show can give us about why we play these games as we do. Finally, learn why the situations underlying these little games have a lot more importance in our lives than you think.

Protest Law

At the beginning of June, a series of Black Lives Matter protests occurred around the country. Some states passed rules banning the protests, others allowed the protests, but urged people to be responsible and practice social distancing. This workshop will explore democracy and fundamental rights in the context of a global pandemic and considers the legal and social issues that arise from protests.

Leading a better tomorrow

Take part in the Future Leaders Program today to establish a strong foundation for future success.

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