Degree and Study Information for Students

Let us point you in the right direction to find the information your students may be looking for.

Degree finder

Degree Finder is our primary source of degree information, including entry criteria, degree structure, courses students will study and career opportunities. Degrees can be searched by name, key words or subject area.

Information brochures

View the many publications and program guides we have available to assist your students. These include:

  • Study at Adelaide
  • Get a Great Future
  • Student Guide
  • Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Student Guide
  • Program guides for all of our academic faculties and degree offerings

See our undergraduate publications to download the full set of relevant guides. You can also order hard copy publications to be sent to your school.


Our website is a great source of information for future students, including details on entry pathways and how to apply. You can also see the links below for information we are frequently asked about: