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The Independent Gambling Research Consortium is composed of researchers from a variety of disciplines who have significant expertise in applying the tools and techniques of their fields to improve our knowledge of the nature and impact of gambling activities.

Research Areas

  • Economic and Social
    • quantification of the economic and social impact of gambling activities;
    • relationship between gambling and crime (econometric analysis of expenditure and crime);
    • impact of gambling on employment and expenditures in the broader economy (e.g. retail trade, tourism);
    • community impacts including relationship with social inclusion;
    • technological change and innovation in gambling products;
    • effectiveness of harm minimisation measures including smart card technologies, removal of ATMs, restrictions on the supply of gambling products;
    • spatial impacts of gambling location and participation, including role of hotels and clubs;
    • history and development of gambling industries; and
    • time series analysis of expenditure and participation.
  • Psychology and Public Health
    • prevalence studies of problem gambling;
    • addiction and hazard modelling;
    • role of cognitive and behavioural factors in the maintenance of within-session behaviour;
    • adolescent gambling; and
    • development of public health data, data systems and indicators with an emphasis on spatially-referenced data to describe and monitor social inequalities.
  • Legal
    • public law, including constitutional law;
    • regulatory schemes;
    • intergovernmental relations; and
    • diversionary schemes.
Independent Gambling Research Consortium



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