International partnerships and agreements

High level partnerships with the world's leading organisations provide our research and education activity with essential opportunities, resources and connections.

International partnerships

Global Engagement works to develop international partnerships which support the University's strategic priorities in research and mobility. We organise delegations and workshops to explore opportunities for collaboration with our partners, provide ongoing liaison and relationship support, and develop initiatives aligned to our shared priority areas.


The University of Adelaide values its partnerships around the world, creating mutually beneficial opportunities in research, innovation, engagement and education.

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International agreements

Global Engagement supports the University’s strategic development, establishment, monitoring, and review of a defined class of agreements with international institutions.  These agreements formally document the University’s relationships with international partners with the objective of enhancing mutual learning, teaching, research, and innovation outcomes. We provide ongoing advice on policy and procedures for the establishment and renewal of international agreements, managing all aspects of the international agreements cycle.

You can find out more about the agreements process, and view the agreements database, on the International Agreements staff resource page.

Latest news in partnerships and agreements

University of Nottingham visit: PhDs Cement International Collaboration

The University of Adelaide hosted a delegation from the University of Nottingham, as they announced six new joint PhD opportunities.

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Memorandum of Understanding signed with ONHYM, Morocco

The University signed an agreement with the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) in Rabat, Morocco



Aramco sponsorship agreement

The University has signed a 10-year Sponsorship Agreement with Aramco Far East (Beijing) Business Services Co., Ltd.



Dual Degree agreement signed with Ecole Centrale de Lyon

The University of Adelaide has signed an agreement with Ecole Centrale de Lyon to offer a dual degree in Acoustics.