Researchers highlighted in Top 250 for 2021

Ten University of Adelaide researchers have been highlighted as Rising Stars of Research (40 researchers under 40), Superstars of Research (for lifetime performance), and as leaders in their field.


The Australian’s list of the Top 250 researchers of 2021 focuses on excellence in research as seen through the lens of influence, and is based on Google Scholar citations data compiled by the League of Scholars.

Ten University of Adelaide researchers have been featured on the list, including international researchers. The ten researchers are:

Field Name
Forensic Science (Global Leader) Roger Byard
Materials Engineering Dongliang Chao
Geochemistry & Mineralogy Cristiana Ciobanu
Social Work Paul Delfabbro
Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis Xiaoguang Duan
Automation & Control Theory Peng Shi
Electromagnetism Nghia Nguyen Trong
Materials Engineering Anthony Vasileff
Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis; Dispersion Chemistry

Shaobin Wang

Chemical & Material Sciences (General) Shi Zhang Qiao

The University of Adelaide is also the nationally leading institution in the fields of high energy and nuclear physics, thermal sciences, dentistry, and chemical kinetics and catalysis, and was named among the top 10 most entrepreneurial universities.

Read more about our researchers on The Australian's website.


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