Student Experiences

Every year the University of Adelaide welcomes thousands of international students to its campuses.

International students are part of the lifeblood of the University of Adelaide and of South Australia more broadly – their vibrancy and dynamism enrich our community, enhance learning outcomes for all students, and bring global connections, cultures, and perspectives into our teaching and social spaces.

In turn, we offer a number of social events and support services to help international students engage with the University and benefit from our community networks. We empower our international students to flourish during their time with us and facilitate meaningful, life-long connections. 

Students who study overseas are more likely to graduate, progress to higher levels of study, and develop the intercultural competence and knowledge needed to forge global careers.

That’s why we also encourage our students to become global citizens, expand their perspectives, and build future career networks through a comprehensive suite of student mobility programs, including student exchange, study tours and short programs.

Study overseas

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Inbound study abroad and exchange

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Global IQ Connect

Do you want to develop your Cultural Intelligence, gain valuable skills to manage culturally diverse settings, and increase your employability?

Global IQ Connect is a free, personal and professional transformative learning experience available to current domestic or international University of Adelaide students and alumni who graduated less than 12 months ago.

Cultural Intelligence has been identified as a key skill for the 21st century. Most learning institutions and workplaces around the world are a cosmopolitan mix - whatever you are studying and planning to do with your degree, you will meet and work with people from different countries and backgrounds.

By participating in the Global IQ Connect program, you can build your Cultural Intelligence skill set to positively engage with fellow students during your studies and have a successful career in culturally diverse settings.

Global IQ Connect