Choosing a course

The University of Adelaide has a wide range of subject areas open to Study Abroad and Exchange students.


Summer School and Winter School

Study Abroad and Exchange students can choose to study one or two courses in intensive mode during Summer School or Winter School.

View the Summer and Winter School page for more information.

Semester length study

Study Abroad and Exchange students can study for one or two semesters, commencing in semester 1 (February – July) or semester 2 (July – November).

Whether students study for one semester or two semesters with us, it is a student visa requirement that they study full-time. A standard full-time workload per semester is considered to be:

  • 4 courses (12 units - 100% of a full-time semester load) OR
  • 3 courses (9 units - 75% of a full-time semester load)

Note: 12 units = 60 UK credits= 30 ECTS = 15 US credits

  • Undergraduate (UG) & postgraduate (PG) courses

    • Undergraduate courses are for students currently studying a Bachelor degree at their home institution.
    • Postgraduate courses are for students who have completed an undergraduate qualification and are continuing their studies by completing an Award such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters Degree, PhD or Doctorate at their home institution.
    • All courses have a course code, which includes 4-digit numbers. These numbers indicate the course level:
      • 1000 to 3999 – Undergraduate courses (e.g the second year course International Business II has a code of INTBUS 2500)
      • 4000 – Honours courses. Honours courses are not currently offered to Study Abroad or Exchange students.
      • 5000 to 7999 – Postgraduate courses

    It is not possible to choose a combination of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  • Course availability

    Unavailable courses are not offered to Study Abroad or Exchange students.

    Some courses may have pre-requisites, limited availability or may require pre-approval by the School/Faculty. Students should ensure that they have appropriate academic background.

    Unavailable courses

    • Courses with a course code ending in RG (e.g. FOOD SC 2501RG) are not available
    • Courses with a course code ending in NA (e.g. COMMLAW 1004NA) are not available
    • Courses with a course code ending UAC (e.g. ACCTING 1002UAC) are not available. 

    Checking course availability

    To check if a course you have selected is available to Study Abroad or Exchange students, visit the Course Outline list, navigate to study area that you are interested in, then select the course that you are interested in and click on the 'General Course Information' drop-down menu. This is also where you can find any pre-requisites or restrictions.

    Course outline > General Course Information > Availabale for Study Abroad and Exchange
  • Course approval

    Some courses have pre-requisites and require you to submit course descriptions (syllabi) of courses you have studied in the same subject area at your home university. Admission into these courses cannot be guaranteed.

    You will need to provide course descriptions (in English) for courses chosen from the following study areas:

    • Criminology
    • Education
    • Health Sciences
    • Languages
    • Law
    • MBA (Executive Master of Business Administration)
    • Media
    • Music
    • Sciences

    Your home university will be able to provide course descriptions to you. You will need to gather this information, save them as PDF documents and submit them with your application.

    Please ensure that your course descriptions contain detailed information of the course content you were taught. It is important to clearly articulate this information so that the lecturers of our courses are able to determine if you have the required academic background to be admitted.

    You will not be assessed for entry into the above course areas unless you submit the course descriptions.

Please refer below to confirm that your discipline is available.