Why Study in Adelaide?

There are many benefits to studying one or two semesters at the University of Adelaide as part of your degree.

The University of Adelaide is a comprehensive university offering studies in a range of disciplines, allowing you to find the courses you need to complement your academic studies and enjoy a great lifestyle experience.

Through participating in the Study Abroad and Exchange programs you can:

  • enhance your academic credentials, expand your knowledge and extend your international perspective
  • gain credit towards your home institution
  • improve your language skills and cultural understanding
  • develop your self-confidence and social skills
  • build strong global networks and make new friends
  • broaden your mind and gain unique, international perspectives
  • enhance your employability

There's so much to love about Adelaide!

The city was founded in 1836 and is the state capital of South Australia, with a current population of about 1.3 million people.

We occupy a unique position among Australian cities, featuring:

  • Affordable cost-of-living - Adelaide is one of the most affordable mainland Australian cities, with a cost of living up to 12% lower than Sydney and Melbourne. (Source: Study Adelaide studyadelaide.com)
  • Lifestyle - Safe and relaxed, Adelaide was ranked as the world's third most liveable city in 2021. (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Index 2021)
  • Climate - Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate: ranging from 16°C average maximum in winter to about 22°C in autumn and spring and 29°C during summer.
  • Study environment - Adelaide is friendly and offers a real sense of community. Its size and sense of comfort means it provides an atmosphere conducive to study.

You want beaches? Festivals? Proximity to beautiful Australian nature and the Outback? Adelaide has all of this - and more!

Visit studyadelaide.com and southaustralia.com to find out more.

City of Adelaide
  • Orientation

    Each semester, the University of Adelaide offers a comprehensive orientation program to all students. O’week is a fantastic time to become familiar with the campus, support services and your peers. Both academic and social programs are offered to help you transition into your new life in Adelaide.

    Sessions will cover a wide range of topics from accommodation to cultural differences to time management. Students are also given a guided tour of the University of Adelaide campus and have access to a variety of events and activities.

    View the Orientation website

  • Facilities

    Study Abroad and Exchange students will benefit from having access to a wide range of facilities whilst studying at the University of Adelaide.

    The University of Adelaide student card will give you access to our modern Hub Central complex, a space designed for students with 24 hour access to computers and meeting rooms. The Hub also includes food outlets and provides an excellent opportunity to interact with other University students. You will also have access to a medical centre, ATMs (cash machines), post office and various student services such as employment assistance and counselling.

    Study Abroad and Exchange students can access the University of Adelaide's Barr Smith Library, an outstanding teaching and research library housing more than two million volumes.

  • Student Clubs and Events

    The University of Adelaide has over 160 clubs that Exchange and Study Abroad students can join. Participating in student clubs and events is a great way to get involved, meet new people and engage with the university community. These clubs and events are managed by our Student Union, YouX. Visit the Find a Club website to explore what is on offer.

    In addition to YouX, Adelaide University Sport offers a complete range of recreational activities and opportunities for competitive sports. This includes access to campus gyms and 38 different sporting clubs. 

    More social programs can also be found on the International Student Support website.

  • Student Support

    All students studying at the University of Adelaide have access to a wide range of support services to ensure their success.

    To learn more, visit our dedicated Support Services website.

  • Accommodation and Arrival

    The University of Adelaide has a dedicated Accommodation Services team. To learn more about what options are available to you, further information can be found on the Accommodation Service website.

    For important pre-departure information, please visit the preparing to arrive page on the International Students site.


The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

It is a member of Australia's Group of Eight, made up of the country's best universities, and features a beautiful campus with traditional sandstone buildings mixed with cutting-edge learning and research facilities.

A degree from the University of Adelaide is internationally recognised. We have produced numerous Nobel Laureates whose research has made an enormous impact on the world, as well as more than 110 Rhodes Scholars and 140 Fulbright Scholars.

"I didn't know much about Adelaide before I arrived but I soon discovered it has great museums and parks, lots of sporting events and of course gorgeous, white-sandy beaches."Mathias Mauer - Germany