Fahmid Kibria - Exchange Testimonial

What drove you to apply to be an Exchange student?

An Exchange program would allow me to explore a different culture, travel, make new friends and have a unique lifelong experience. I felt that I could not miss out on such an opportunity, and I wanted to make best use of my time left as a student, especially after the difficulties of COVID-19.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide as an Exchange student?

  1. The courses offered here interested me and the credits would transfer over smoothly to my home university.
  2. I was able to work with the university to arrange an internship. A work experience abroad looks great on the resume!
  3. I liked what the Adelaide University Cricket Club (AUCC) had to offer, the club and playing structure.
  4. Living in university managed accommodation! I’ve lived at home all my life, and wanted this experience to see how much I liked it.
  5. The city of Adelaide also hosted some important games of the ICC Men’s World T20 2022, which would allow me to watch the games with ease.
  6. Adelaide is much cheaper compared to the larger cities of Australia.
T20 cricket

The T20 cricket World Cup was hosted in Australia, with Adelaide as one of the hosts! I had a chance to pose with a special bat in front of the World Cup trophy!!

What did you like most about Adelaide?

The close-knit community and the mateship! I liked that most people know each other and that it was a social city. Most people were outgoing, friendly, and willing to have a chat which was enjoyable.

It was super easy to navigate Adelaide! Most things were within the CBD, so if it was not within walking distance, a quick tram or bus ride sufficed. 

What did you do in your spare time?

I spent a lot of time with friends from the University of Adelaide village, simply chatting, playing board games, pool or table tennis in our common room. However, we also went to Wildlife Parks, Adelaide Oval (many games, events, concerts), university cultural events (Oktoberfest, India night, LCE nights), and spent time hiking, ice skating, exploring nightlife and so much more! There was always something to do and people to meet every day.

A big part of my reason to go to Australia was to improve my cricket skills and I managed to join AUCC to play a few games until I had to leave. I improved as a cricketer and made friends outside of the university circle.

What did you enjoy about your academic experience?

I liked how easy it was to speak with the professors and classmates. They were considerate, clear, friendly, and tried to make it an enjoyable experience every class. Building relationships with professors is handy and reminded me that in person experiences matter.

The style of my home university is a lot more academically oriented, strict, and rigid. Not all my classes at home are offered online either so most classes are full, making it difficult to always get a hold of professors or tutors. Everyone is mostly busy with academic work, minimizing the time for life outside of it. In Adelaide, it was slightly slower paced, allowing you absorb everything around you. We also got a 2 week mid-semester break which was a great refresher.

The social aspect and the cricketing culture is a lot better than what is offered in my home university. That was the biggest difference I felt in comparison with my home university – it was much better in Adelaide!

What do you like most about the University of Adelaide?

I liked the lifestyle mostly! Everyone was friendly, outgoing and knew how to have fun. I feel that most students had great work/life balance and were enjoying their experience as students in Adelaide.

The facilities were amazing and there was more than I expected. The campus was big, but also easy to navigate which made it a smooth experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 

Bondi Beach

One of my exchange goals was to learn surfing in Australia, even at the cost of getting slapped by waves and accidentally drinking salt water. 

Have you made many friends? If so, how did you meet them?

I met lots of people through AUCC which was great. Most friends I met were living the University of Adelaide Village. They were out of state or international students, which means that we were each other’s Adelaide family. I also attended international student events through the Language and Culture Engagement Program and met many others through mutual friends. There were other university events and formal nights that happened which also gave me a chance to meet people.

What are your top 3 favourite things about being a University of Adelaide student?

1. Endless events and activities to partake on campus

2. Diverse group of friends with you

3. Variety of courses and career support plus internships and jobs available through the university resources

What type of accommodation did you choose to live in?

I stayed at the University of Adelaide Village which is the accommodation managed by the university. Late night common room hangouts with friends in the village was a exchange highlight. I lived in a townhouse with 4 others, and I had my own bedroom and bathroom. It was amazing and I made some lifelong friends and memories being there. We even had the opportunity to host a Village Canadian barbeque day which allowed my friends and I to celebrate Canada and teach others about our culture!  

Cricket Shield

I had a chance to compete for Adelaide Uni in the SA Challenge cricket tournament! Adelaide Uni won the cricket tournament shield and the overall SA Challenge trophy at the end!

What advice would you give to others about South Australia?

Navigating around is simple, so South Australia may be big but do not be overwhelmed by it. South Australians are also super friendly, committed, and helpful, so they might look serious but do not be afraid to approach people and speak to them! They might be more afraid of approaching you and disturbing your comfort zone so go ahead and deliver the icebreaker!

How has your exchange prepared you for the future?

Living in Australia has made me focus on living in the present. I learned to ensure that I enjoyed the rest of my experience at home and change my mentality to focus more on the positives of life.

My exchange has allowed me to be more open and flexible, which means that I welcome any experiences that come to me. The courses and internship experience allows me to standout in the job market and offer a unique perspective that not many others have to offer.

Would you recommend an exchange experience at the University of Adelaide? If so, why?

Absolutely. I would recommend an exchange experience to the University of Adelaide! Completing an overseas program allows you to diversify your cultural understanding, broaden your personal experiences, increase employment opportunities, enhance educational opportunities, and make new friends! The process to set up your experience is easy and they have great events, activities, and people there to help you make the place your own. There is a wide variety of courses to suit your learning needs and style, but there is also career support to help with jobs and internships. Most importantly, the support system is strong, and everyone from the University of Adelaide will help you in every way that you need throughout the experience.

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