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Steps to Apply - Study Abroad and Exchange Program

  • Step 1 Exchange or Study Abroad?

    Find out if you are an Exchange or a Study Abroad student:

    Study Abroad Student

    Your home institution does not have a formal exchange partner agreement with the University of Adelaide or does not have any available exchange places.

    Study abroad students enrol with us and pay tuition fees for their courses to the University of Adelaide.

    Exchange Student

    Your home institution has a formal exchange partner agreement with the University of Adelaide.

    Exchange students remain enrolled and continue to pay tuition fees to their home institution. Students do not pay tuition fees to the University of Adelaide.

  • Step 2 Application Process

    To be accepted for the Study Abroad & Exchange program, you must meet specific Academic and English language entry requirements.

    Exchange Student

    • complete your home institution's exchange student application process
    • your institution will nominate you to become an Exchange student with us
    • following your nomination, we will send you the online application.

    Study Abroad Student

    • Applying though your home university
      • complete your home institutions study abroad student application process
      • your institution will nominate you to become a Study Abroad student with us
      • following your nomination, we will send you the online application.
    • Applying though an International Representative or Agent
    • Applying directly to the University of Adelaide
  • Step 3 Choose Courses
    Select your study period
    Semester 1 (February to July)
    Semester 2 (July to December)
    Full year (February to December)
    Enhanced Semester (1 Semester + Summer or Winter School)
    Summer School (January - February)
    Winter School (June - July)

    Search and select your courses
    Specific course details for all courses available to Study Abroad and Exchange students can be found at Choosing a Course.

    Visit the Course Planner to plan your timetable and search for course details such as pre-requisites and assumed knowledge.

    Restricted courses
    Study Abroad and Exchange students are not able to study certain courses at the university. Make sure your courses of choice are not restricted.

  • Step 4 Submit Application with supporting documents

    Applications need to be submitted online with the supporting documentation listed below. The University will acknowledge receipt of your application and inform either yourself directly, or the Exchange Advisor, Study Abroad Advisor or Representative working on your behalf, if any supporting documentation is missing or incomplete.

    Application Deadlines
    Semester 1 (February - July) & Summer School (January - February): 1 November
    Semester 2 (July - December): 1 May
    Winter School (June/July) 1 March

    Supporting Documents
    All students will be asked to provide the following supporting documents when submitting an application:

    • copy of information page of passport
    • official record of study/academic transcript (including past and current enrolment)
    • evidence of English language competency (where appropriate)
    • if you have selected courses from Sciences or Health Sciences, Architecture (Design Studies), Law, MBA (Management), Petroleum Engineering, Music, Languages, Education, Criminology and Media which have specific prerequisites, syllabus details are required.
  • Step 5 Receive Offer of Admission

    We aim to assess your application within 20 working days provided all of the required supporting documentation is supplied.  If you are accepted, an offer of admission will be forwarded electronically to you.

    If you have been accepted onto our program, you will receive:

    • an offer of admission
    • an acceptance form
    • a declaration of financial capacity
    • payment form.

    In your offer letter you will also find information about Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).  The OSHC is a requirement of the Australian Government and must cover you for the duration of your student visa.

  • Step 6 Accept your Offer

    Once you receive your Offer of Admission you will need to accept the offer by sending the following completed documents to

    • offer of admission
    • acceptance form
    • payment form
    • declaration of financial capacity (not applicable to Summer & Winter School students).

    If applicable, you will also need to make payment as per the instructions on the payment form.

  • Step 7 Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

    Once we have received your acceptance documents and payment (if applicable) we will issue you with an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) within 10 working days.

    Please note Summer and Winter School students do not require a CoE.

  • Step 8 Apply for an Australian Visa

    On receipt of your eCoE, Study Abroad and Exchange students need to apply through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for a visa to study in Australia. Please note the University has no involvement in visa applications.

    The majority of students studying with The University of Adelaide apply for a student visa.  Before making a student visa application, you must have received your CoE from the University.

    Working Holiday Visas are also available to some Study Abroad and Exchange students.  Students applying to study short courses through our Summer or Winter School program usually apply for a Visitor Visa. For more information on visa applications, visit our Visa page or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to find out which visa best suits you.

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