Stable Optical and vacuum systems for applications in space and beyond - Moritz Mihm - Johannes Gutenberg Uni Mainz

Numerous quantum technologies are used in extreme environments. The operation outside the laboratory makes high demands on the experiment and especially the laser system regarding miniaturization and power consumption as well as mechanical and thermal stability.

I will present a technology for stable fiber-coupled optical modules, consisting of Zerodur based optical benches with free-space optics. Our toolkit allows the assembly of modules e.g. for laser frequency stabilization as well as distribution, overlap and switching of laser beams.

Developed in the context of atom interferometry with ultracold atoms in space, suitability of the technology has been demonstrated in multiple successful sounding rocket missions. I will discuss previous and future missions both on sounding rockets and the International Space Station and present latest developments on the way to a completely integrated quantum gas experiment.



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