IPAS High Resolution Spectroscopy selected as Editors' Suggestion

Faisal Karim

Congratulations to IPAS PhD student Faisal Karim on his first publication which was selected as an Editor Suggestion.

Faisal was supervised by Prof Andre LuitenDr Sarah Scholten and Dr Chris Perrella.

Faisal's research aimed to develop a high-resolution spectroscopic tool to study complex molecular structures and to obtain the line shapes of their energy levels accurately. This then provides information about the molecules’ temperature, pressure, and concentration; all in a single spectroscopic measurement. Applications include oil and gas industries for detecting contaminants and preventing pipeline blockages; human breath analysis for diagnosing medical conditions; and environmental monitoring for pollution and green-house gases. Congratulations to Faisal and all supervisors.

Ultrahigh-Resolution Direct-Frequency-Comb Spectrometer
Faisal Karim, Sarah K. Scholten, Christopher Perrella, and Andre N. Luiten
Phys. Rev. Applied 14, 024087 – Published 28 August 2020
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.14.024087

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