IPAS Novel Quantum Battery Charging featured in Physical Review Applied

James Quach

Quantum batteries harness the unique properties of quantum mechanics to enhance energy storage compared to conventional batteries. In particular, they are theoretically predicted to undergo superextensive charging, with batteries having larger capacity actually taking less time to charge.

A novel mechanism for quantum battery charging using a quantum property known as dark states was introduced. The mechanism exhibits superextensive capacity, where the energy density actually grows with the size of the battery, a property that has been absent in quantum batteries up until now. This protocol is major step towards the experimental realization of a quantum battery that achieves both superextensive capacity and charging.

Using Dark States to Charge and Stabilize Open Quantum Batteries
James Q. Quach and William J. MunroPhys. Rev. Applied 14, 024092 – Published 31 August 2020
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.14.024092

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