IPAS members win over 2.8M from ARC Discovery Projects

Congratulations to the following IPAS members for being successfully awarded  ARC Discovery Projects. IPAS was so proud to be  awarded 6 out of 22 projects from the University of Adelaide during this round:

  • Prof Christian Doonan; Prof Christopher Sumby; Dr Kenji Sumida 
  • Amount awarded:$476,000
  • Title: Metal-organic Framework (MOF) Superstructure Catalysts.
  • Prof Kishan Dholakia
  • Amount awarded:$470,000
  • Title: Levitated Quantum Optomechanics with Trapped, Rotating Microparticles.
  • Prof David Ottaway; Dr Ori Henderson-Sapir
  • Amount awarded:$355,000
  • TitleParadigm Shift in Mid-IR Fibre Laser.
  • Dr Abel Santos; Prof Andrew Abell; Prof Dr Kornelius Nielsch
  • Amounted awarded:$420,000
  • Title: Bioinspired photo–iontronic membranes for smart neuron-mimicking systems. 
  • Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem; Prof Brant Gibson; Prof Andrew Greentree; Prof David Ottaway; Dr Takeshi Ohshima
  • Amount awarded: $670,000
  • Title: Ytterbium fibre laser with diamond: new laser threshold magnetometry method.
  • Prof Glenn Solomon; Prof Nelson Tansu
  • Amount awarded:$460,000
  • Title: Quantum Nanostructure Positioning for Breakthrough Quantum Photonics.


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