The IPAS seminar series aims to communicate ideas across physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, chemical engineering and related areas, to seed new collaborations and for interactions with fellow researchers.

Unless otherwise indicated, IPAS seminars are held on Thursdays, 11:10 am-12:00 pm in the Level 2 Meeting Room, The Braggs Building.

IPAS has hosted the following speakers:

  • 2019 seminars

    Date Speaker Topic
    19 Sept Yinlan Ruan
    IPAS Research Fellow
    Biochemical Measurements using SPR and Raman
    12 Sept Sally Cassidy
    Triage Assessment Counsellor
    Expanding Our Understanding of Wellbeing: The Importance of Mental Health
    5 Aug Frank Schuttman
    Prof in Complex Project Management _ ECIC
    Project Management Workshop  
    Thu 1 August Rouven Becker
    IPAS PhD Candidate
    Design and Synthesis of N-Cadherin Inhibitors for the Use as Contraceptives.
    Thu 25 July Aude Vignelles
    Australian Space Agency
    Australian Space Agency: Update and Potential Collaborations.
    Thu 18 July Rudolf Neuhaus
    Product Manager Scientific Diode Lasers at TOPTICA Photonics AG
    Thu 4 July Dr Aurélie Crabbé
    Research Scientist - Ghant Uni
    Influence of the lung microbiome on antibiotic efficacy and host inflammation in cystic fibrosis.
    Thu 27 June Jingxian Yu
    Senior Research Fellow
    Peptides as Bio-Inspired Electronic Materials.
    Thu 20 June Prof Nigel Spooner
    Head of the Prescott Environmental Luminescence Laboratory (PELL)
    Radiation Sensing for Mining, Medical and Chronology at IPAS - Lab tours provided.
    Thu 13 June Siew Lim 
    Sarah Scholten

    IPAS PhD candidate

    Engineering the Slow Photon Effect in Nanophorous Photonic Crystals for Photocatalysis.


    Thu 6 June Joanne Harrison, Lisa Stevens & Broderick Matthews Be Your Future - Department of Defence Science and Technology.
    Thu 30 May Qiang Sun 
    Research Fellow - RMIT

    Shuo Li
    Research Fellow - RMIT

    Novel and Robust Surface Method of Electromagnetics for Micro-photonic Applications.

    Nanophotonic Projects and the Possiblity to combine Machine Learning.

    Thu 23 May Rohan Glover
    Research Fellow - PMG

    The ATTA Project: Radiometric dating with lasers.

    Thu 16 May Prof Stephen Grano
    Executive Director IMER

    Sensor Opportunities in Mineral and Energy sectors.

    Thu 9 May Scott Foster
    Principal Scientist - DSTG
    Listening with Light: Next Generation Undersea sensors.
    Thu 2 May Angus Netting
    Director Adelaide Microscope
    Microscopy and Microanalysis for Research at the UoA. Case studies in multiplatform microanalyses to solve complex problems.
    Wed 17 April Simon Thiele
    Uni Stuttgart
    Fetosecond direct laser writing of complex-micro-optics.
    Wed 10 April Abigail Klopper
    Senior Editor - Nature Physics
    Inside Nature.
    Thu 4 April James Quach
    Ramsay Fellow
    Quantum chaos and entanglement.
    Thu 28 Mar Jiawen Li
    BioImaging at IPAS - Lab tours provided.
    Thu 21 Mar Cristiano Cordeiro
    Head of the Specialty Optical Fibres Lab - State of Uni of Campinas (Brazil)
    Microstructured optical fibres with simplified design and fabrication process.
    Thu 14 Mar Danny Wilson
    Laboratory Head - Malaria Biology
    Research Centre for Infectious Diseases
    Malaria parasites in motion: targeting invasion of the red blood cell to cure disease.
    Thu 7 Mar Tobias Vogl
    Department of Quantum Science 
    Next-generation single-photon sources for satellite-based quantum communication.
    Thu 28 Feb IPAS HDR Students IPAS Research Student Presentation Event.
    Thu 21 Feb Wei Li
    Experimental Quantum Optics & Quantum Information
    Johannes Gutenberg Uni - Mainz
    Light-matter interface using cold-atoms coupled to hollow core fibre.
    Thu 7 Feb Prof Philip Russel
    Director, Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL)
    Recent Developments in Photonic Crystal Fibres.
    Thu 1 Feb Prof Xuefeng Guo
    Prof of Chemistry 
    Peking University - China
    Single-Molecule Electrical Chemo/Biodetection.